Zola Movie 2021 (Viral Twitter Thread) Review | Reaction

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Hey Drama Queens! If you were using #Twitter some 7or so years ago — during the #blackberry reign, then you know viral the saga of #Zola. I remember reading this thread between classes one day in #undergrad and thinking to myself “this should be a movie!!!!” — today it is. Here is my reaction to the most thrilling Twitter thread you’ll ever read — turned movie!

This movie was created by a woman @_zolarmoom (on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_zolarmoon?s=21 )

A pdf version of the original thread can be found at https://m.imgur.com/a/WDwyW

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Jaleesa Baulkman says:

Haven’t seen it yet! Thanks for not giving spoilers!!!

Wembley Leach says:

Great review! I saw the movie with my wife and thought it was so good

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