YourMovieSucks Talks About LEGO and Movies – just2podcast #4

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On the fourth episode of the just2podcast, I interview Adam Johnston, film reviewer, musician, Let’s Player, and overall one of my favorite YouTube personalities. You’ll probably know him best by YourMovieSucksDOTorg on YouTube, A.K.A. YMS!

For the older teens and adults, go check out Adam’s channels (VIEWER’S DISCRETION IS ADVISED!):

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“Your Contract Has Expired” is from A Hat in Time:

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just2podcast #4

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Neelima Chandra says:

This guy is biased against superhero movies.

ScorpionLynx2 says:

No way, I thought finding dory was awesome, I saw it twice in the theatre

Samson Mcharaly says:

Throat sore? It begins

Adrian Lira says:

Do a interview with jangbricks

Riptideblade927 Studios says:

Nice got him

uncle hank says:

Just2good's laugh gives me life.

the one guy says:

Oh my goodness
2 gods collide

Mystery ninja _26 says:

+Just2good can you do SpitBrix?

Mystery ninja _26 says:

Is another just2?podcast coming out tonight?

piglet productions says:

please do brickbros UK

Budderpig64 says:

Wow, I would have never expected yms to show up here

Slamburger The Hamburger says:


K Ful says:

Can you have MICHAELHICKOXFilms on your podcast?

Ladondorf says:

You can tell just2good is nerding out the whole time.

JawsTheSharkToyReviews says:

You should podcast with BRICK 101.

Lego victim 101 says:

Can you please interview w z studios.

Sula Mareska says:

I personally would absolutely LOVE it if you could get TheOdd1sOut. Very nice video!

Huh-Aoaoh Humphrey Ward says:

I love that you do this but some of this is quite awkward

Scott thebassplayer says:

This is so weird. I would've never expected you two to have an interview together. Not that I can't see why Just2good likes Adam's content, but it's so weird to see a Lego (toy) reviewer interview a well known YouTube film critic. I guess they both "review" stuff, but what they discuss is very different.
Great video though, and it was a lot of fun to hear you two talk to one another and share your thoughts together.

Chuck Miller says:

so this guy hates marvel movies?

Dylan says:

Who is this? Lmfao

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