X-Men: Days of Future Past – What’s the Difference?

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X-Men: Days of Future past hit theaters last year with the force of a dropping baseball stadium! It had everyone: Magneto! Professor X! And lots and lots of Wolverine! But in the original Marvel Comics story arc, things were a bit different, to say the least! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/9AGRm

Comic book movies have gotten so frequent that they’re moving beyond the origin story (usually, anyway, SPIDER-MAN), and tacking the plot lines of actual issues of actual comic books. We’ve got the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming take on Civil War next year. And X-Men: Days of Future Past was very much based on a 2-issue arc in Uncanny X-Men from 1981.

But, boy oh boy, were there some changes along the way. Thanks to the pre-established timeline in Fox’s X-Men universe, the box office draw of certain actors, and the general hazards of source-to-film adaptation, the Days of Future Past storyline went through a lot of changes from page to screen.

What did you think? Have you read the Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past arc? How do you think the movie compared? What’s your favorite X-Men movie? Would you like to have seen Kitty Pryde take a leading role?

What other works would you like to see us explore on What’s The Difference?

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A Poet From mars says:

oh, franklyn richards is cool as fuck

Rhys Williams says:

How did DOFP make The Last Stand irrelevant?? I'm so confused

PopeJones Wang says:

Getting high and so on and so forth…… I forgot the rest already….

Todd DuFres says:

1:20 2014 not 2011

surfitlive says:

Can't wait for the MCU and the Russos to do the X-Men the RIGHT way!

surfitlive says:

WAIT! They killed the HULK but not Kitty or Wolverine????

spitit27 says:

why not send prof X back so they dont have to explain everything to the young prof X he would just use his super duper mind and solve that shit in 10 min would make for a much shorter movie though

Bret Hodson says:

Late 80's? The LATE 80's??! The comic book version wasn't the late 80's. It came out in the early 80's. As in 1980, the exact year. The 70's were barely over when this came out and you have it as the LATE 80's?? Fact-checking: not a time-line, alternate-universe phenomenon, but a real concept!

J4L0RZ says:

1:24, DOFP didn't come out in 2011 dude.

Ember Skies says:

I'm pretty sure Days of Future past was made in 2014

mad XIX says:

The idea is good and the info as well but the "funny" delivery is not funny, it really takes me out of the video

Dr. Manhattan says:

Hey can you tell me where is Beast in all this,I mean the present day?Is he dead or what???

Tyler Cruz's stop motion videos says:

2:06 HAM

Cabaret Macabre says:

It would be cool to see another adaptation of this with the whole MCU if Disney ends up introducing the X-Men into the continuity.

Alec Skinner says:

I dont watch the Xmen movies because idgaf if fox bought the rights the Xmen arent the Xmen without incorporating all the characters they cant show. For fucks sake Wolverines supposed to be an Avenger

The Crazed says:

is currently baked as fuck

grey Wolverine says:

If you are reading this in the future .Disney owns x-men now

Andrei Frostt says:

1.55 Is that Drax the Destroyer?

Bluestone TE says:

but didnt the whole xmen franchise start in 2000s XMEN?

andrea graziani says:

Yeah I know almost three years have past but every time I watch this video I can't laugh at the way Ellen page moves her hand at 3:07 i just can't help it XD

Luke M says:

You can pick it apart all you want, X-Men: Days of Future Past is the greatest superhero movie I've ever seen… and that's saying a lot.

ConriDubhghail says:

So, I know it was just for plot convenience, but how in the hell did the Sentinels kill Dr. Strange? Wasn't he broken OP back in those days? Like nigh on par with cosmic level entity OP?

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