X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer – Avengers Endgame and Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

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X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer, Avengers Endgame, Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Plan Explained, Wolverine, Avengers Future and Avengers Endgame Review Details ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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X-Men Dark Phoenix will be the Last Fox X-Men film before Marvel reboots the franchise. Kevin Feige recently explained what his plans are for the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four characters during Marvel Phase 4, after the events of Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home.

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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my new X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer and Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Plans that Kevin Feige recently explained. Lots of big Marvel Phase 4 changes coming to the way they weave things into MCU continuity. Also details on when I'm posting my Non-Spoiler Avengers Endgame Review video!

Escape says:

goddamnit ever since i was a child, whenever i saw an x movie there's always something happening to jean, she's outside in a dangerous spot using her powers to protect the rest of the x men then eventually dying. just stop we get it ;/

Charles Yongqi says:

X-Men and Fantastic 4 are the very first Marvel movies I watched when I was young, they introduced me to the Marvel Universe. I will be really sad to see those actors and actresses got replaced in the future MCU X-Men and Fantastic 4 movies. I will miss you guys -_-

keanlockes says:


Eobard Thawne says:

Will Tony Stark and cap return for secret wars or avengers multiverse?

David Murray says:

I would love to see X-men vs. Avengers

RageMojo says:

The more we see the worse it looks.

Tm Shaun says:


A watcher says:

So this is the last foX-man film, does that mean after we can discount everything that happend? And when x-men come to the mcu they'll start from scratch?

Rawlins Maye says:

Hulk vs Wolverine 🤔

輝希 says:

I hope at some point I hope she is enveloped in the spiritual 🔥 flame that manifests itself in the shape of the phoenix bird.

Mercury Wolff says:

MCU X-MEN will become the most incredible project of our lives. Bet.

Mercury Wolff says:

*Potential Spoiler*

Why do Hawkeyes children age?

Booker Williams says:

dark phoenix looks good

Brian Roe says:

Following a funeral for Stark, Thor appoints Valkyrie queen of Asgard and joins the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rogers returns the Infinity Stones and Thor's hammer to their original timelines, then lives out his life in the past with Carter instead of returning to the present. As an elderly man, he arrives to pass on his shield to Sam Wilson.

midoribishi says:

I wanted to be psyched for this, but as much as I love Sophie Turner In GOT …not feeling her as Dark Phoenix or Jean Grey…

mikmik423 says:

I wonder if they will do a X-men or avengers crossover with the silver surfer? That would be super BA!

Maverick 1977 says:

I still think Jessica Chastine's (sp) is playing a version of Lady Mastermind.  Super excited to see this movie no matter what!

Gary Wastle says:

Stark/Avengers Tower is now the Baxter Building, that’s how I want to see the FF introduced

r keeter says:

The continuity of the the X-men movies is so horrible, so you’re telling me she now encounters the Phoenix force on rescue mission in space even though at the end of X-Men:Apocalypse she used the Phoenix force to destroy Apocalypse I mean watch the end scene you actually see the Phoenix firebird form around Jean!This kind of sloppy story telling is why this franchise is in such bad shape!

El Gordo Marco says:

I don’t care about dark Phoenix at all. I was here just because there were some MCU stuff at the end

WhiskeyBrewer says:

"The X-Men line of continuity" ha what continuity

Loutzenheiser says:

X-Men vs. Avengers to close off Phase 5!! OMG That would be awesome!!!

Loutzenheiser says:

I say combine both Sophie Turner's big roles… Sansa Phoenix!

Anatoli Stoimenov says:

X-men. When it goes bad go dark, like DC! Then at least it is funny!

Morgan Talley says:

In spite of what Kevin Feige has said publicly, I still believe he’s always had an idea or contingency in the back of his mind, for if or when the X-Men and Fantastic Four were coming back to Marvel Studios.

Andy Graves says:

Awesome video

IlliniDog01 says:

I still like the X-Men/Deadpool franchises broken off from the Avengers. It keeps things cleaner. You keep rebooting characters and actors constantly it gets ugly.
I say, reboot the Fantastic 4 again as each new movie has been worse than the first and weave them into the Avengers Universe, but just keep the X-Men together and continue to join them with Deadpool. I have enjoyed all of the X-Men movies for the most part. The Last Stand was meh but had some good scenes. Apocalypse had some great scenes too. First Class and Days of Future Past were both very strong IMO.

MrYeodaddy says:

It looks like they are really modeling MCU after the comic books. The Disney + shows will act as series while the movies will cover big title characters and events (i.e. Secret Wars)

Luis Lara says:

i'm not so sure about this movie

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