WORST OF 2014 (Geek & Gaming) : Black Nerd Rants

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jack lajoie says:

why the hell is amazing spider-man 2 on "worst of 2014"? that movie was great!

14 Foxy says:

The worst thing that came in 2014 is Sonic BOOM

MJPK says:

I never minded that Finn was black, what I do hate about him was his knowledge of everything when he was just a stormtrooper for one day

Back Into Games says:

OMG I Love cory In The House especially the episode with Dwayne The Rock Johnson…

Back Into Games says:

Soooo the purpose of the Ice Bucket challenge was to basically replicate the symptoms of ALS with cold water….Way to stay classy internet….

mrsterrell1994 says:

I had to pause the video to say “Is your password, Password?” ????

I feel odd says:

5:12 ……….hhhe………..AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Dakota Neitzel says:

I liked the ninja turtles movie

Joao’s World says:

Yes you know the rock afire explosion to

No.1 Spidey-Fan says:

civil war just is 15 mins less than transformers so why people hatin

Joey Kleiman says:

The YouTube stuff is still relevant in 2017

Abbie A says:

Rock afire explosion reference anyone? Anyone? Okay just me, okay??

TheRacersTV says:

Oohhhh don't think I didn't see that quip towards furries…

Jaeza Gordon says:

Worst of 2014:sony planning a spiderman shared universe after the unamazing spider man 2 was slammed by critics, rev3games and G4 shut down, ps4 and xbox one get unpolished games and the sony hacks.

How Intelligent Of You says:

gosh, everything really does suck after 2012.

Carlo Nassar says:

DO BEST AND WORST OF 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

star Thomassen says:

yep shaw that movie (annie) two years later i think change where more modern but wasint needed

D.illan Mon says:

over any thing turtle power I feel the vibe ( battle toads ) I want to smell your fart, let's bring back spawn

Carlo Nassar says:

That's WAY too long for a movie if part of it is not the amount of time the credits show.

Carlo Nassar says:

I haven't even SEEN Power Rangers in Japan. I'll just stick with the USA version.

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