WILD INDIAN Trailer (2021) Jesse Eisenberg, Kate Bosworth

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WILD INDIAN Trailer (2021) Jesse Eisenberg, Kate Bosworth

PLOT: Decades after covering up his classmate’s murder, Michael (Michael Greyeyes) has moved on from his reservation and fractured past. When a man who shares his violent secret seeks vengeance, Michael goes to great lengths to protect his new life with his wife (Kate Bosworth) and boss (Jesse Eisenberg) from the demons of his past. #WildIndian

CAST: Michael Greyeyes, Chaske Spencer, Jesse Eisenberg, Kate Bosworth

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Maggie Wan says:

Clearly Jesse Eisenberg and Kate Bosworth are not the "stars" of this movie…

yoga asix says:

Jesse Eissenberg as Jesse Eissenberg

Adrienne Reyes says:

This looks so good I've got chills already 👁️👁️

Shaun Hunter says:

This trailer is fire

Jose Garcia says:

A real movie about time!!!!

KillerTacos says:

That wig though

Gonzalo zazueta says:

Jesse looks like he’s playing Tucker Carlson


Muckwa think was gonna happen?

CJ Meiko says:

The Native Dude: the past comes back to haunt him
Me: Maybe he should've did like that one woman did in that Black Mirror episode Crocodile

iRage1776 says:


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