Why Vegeta can Kill Superman

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5th episode of Nerd Chatting! Made an intro since we are doing these more often! I cover why Vegeta can beat Superman in a fight. AGAIN — “YES I’M AWARE VEGETA DOES NOT KNOW THE TECHNIQUE MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO, BUT HE CAN LEARN IT IF HE NEEDED TO”. What would you like to see on the next episode? Comment below and let me know!

-Best viewed with headphones 🙂

For the record I am doing this purely for fun, with NO intention of “fooling” anyone or covering up the fact that I used clips from other movies.

-Superman The Movie
-Man Of Steel
-Dragon Ball Z
-Dragon Ball GT
-Vegeta Fan Film
-Superman Returns
-Adventures of Superman
-Dragon Ball Super
-75th Anni Superman
-Lois and Clark


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AListProductions says:

Episode 9 – Why Turning Superman EVIL is a BAD Idea! –

Rock star says:

For all salty fans of superman if somebody say weak to vegeta means he is over

Rock star says:

If saitama can destroy superman so vegeta can too destroy him

douglas desante says:

Vegeta doesn't know instant transmission

Sancty Nichtcool says:

the hole discusen is so boring these chars are frome difrend universes and cant NOT fight at each other and in the end the out come is fixt bei a belive system and who likes superman more and who likes goku more …

superman is one of the strongest chars in his univers and goku is the same in his univers … this holw thing is bull shit …

and at best just childs play ..

i see no point in compair this guys and comparing basic super man with god goku or other stronger forms is say thing … superman has 100 of difrend incanations were he is mutch stronger …

i am not a superman fan or goku fan … its just stupid to compair the 2

iiAmFrosty says:

Vegeta knows instant transmission? Haha! NO! Those lines vegeta becomes and is in a different area is simple: MOVING FASTTTT AF


Not kill obliterate

adarsh kumar says:

Just say to vegeta that supes was talking shit 'bout bulma and vegeta will just attack him until supes becomes gamma rays ie., Annihilate him. Just dont say that to him for love of god

Wortigon2000 says:

(youtube sucks, erasing what I wrote here after I just corrected someone who doesn't know his shit in the comment section… that bug should be fixed asap)

so: "Why Vegeta can Kill Superman": He can't.
1: Vegeta doesn't know instant transmission.
2: Vegeta doesn't know about Superman's weaknesses.
3: Superman has the upperhand in both strength and speed, at least if we talk about golden age/ superman prime, and not the newest crappy movie remake (don't associate the superman name with trash like that)
4: They don't even live in the same freaking universe!! Even if they met, by the results of some shady crossover, there'd hardly be any fights, and even if there were, the upper mentioned 3 reasons stand strong.

If you still expect, that Vegeta's training is "harsh", take a look at Supes. The key to his fortress of solitude is over 2000 kg, so thieves can't get in… I have to say, it's an effective method to keep put uninvited guests though.

watch the comparision that Screwattack did about their powers (Goku vs Superman 2). They did a remake after Goku gained new powers (that's why I said 2 at the end)
spoiler: Supes wins.

LiTTlleJeiKKie says:

vegeta dosent need a red sun or krypto night to kick supes ass he can do it with ease without even using a trick

ArtistNerd says:


NeutralGuyDoubleZero says:

Saying "but he could learn if he needed to" doesnt prove or mean anything. Vegeta could learn kaioken if he absolutely needed to but that doesnt make it a factor in any what if fight scenarios. Plus, vegeta wouldnt know about the red sun weakness, plus he would need to picture an actual planet near a red sun with an atmosphere which isnt really possible for him.

Khaled Hussain says:

Why would u debate about this yamcha would kill superman

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