Why Thor’s Hammer Is Creating Problems for Infinity War! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

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A recent pic from the Avengers Infinity War set has fans up in arms because of a specific Asgardian arm. Jessica has the controversial details (with SPOILERS) on today’s Nerdist News!

Do you think it was too much of a spoiler? Let us know in the comments below!

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Image: Marvel Studios

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Andy Duffrene says:

You look like the RED PRIESTESS

Ben Hinman says:

Nope, asgard is gone and so is the hammer. Just like any terrible self help book will tell you, the power was inside thor all along.

Erwin Sansait says:

I loved your sweater #spartansNeverDie

zombie paradox says:

Has anybody ever thought Dr.strange could've found the broken Mjölnir and kinda put it back together?
That'd be a bit simple given that he has the time stone and that there was unusual energy when Hela appeared……. kinda makes you wonder.

Review Booth says:

The Infinity War trailer already shows Thor forging his new weapon using a massive machine to harness the energy of a dying star much which is a axe. Thor's hammer was also forged from a dying star. Peter Dinklage plays the elf that creates the the axe for Thor.

Bradmyr says:

covfefe let's disgust!

Nitrexx says:

The directors and producers aren't that stupid to post a photo of Mjolnir onto Instagram.

2:22 No that looks like LEGO lightning.

Jeremy JMIAH Williamson says:

unless it's a flashback, like we've seen hints to already LOL

shaymus burke says:

This host is gorgeous

Nayan Maharjan says:

i just love jessica chobot <3

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