Why Iron Fist and Luke Cage Were Cancelled by Netflix and Marvel

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Why Iron Fist and Luke Cage Were Cancelled by Netflix and Marvel. Avengers 4 Aftermath Disney Streaming Service Explained and Daredevil Season 3 ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Emergency Awesome says:

Here's my video about Netflix and Marvel Cancelling Luke Cage and Iron Fist both within a week of each other. There are a lot of factors. Post all your reactions in the comments! More Daredevil videos coming this weekend, new Marvel Phase 4 video posting next!

MA Tuiai says:

Will they ever remake a Batman TV show?

Fawad B says:

Iron Fist was absolute garbage from the start. I don't care about Danny's race, it's just that Iron Fist as a character was GOD AWFUL (as was the writing on the show). Danny/Iron Fist is probably the DUMBEST superhero I have EVER seen! I didn't think they'd cancel Luke Cage though, it was actually kind of decent.

Happy Skull says:

I just want more Daredevil, more Jessica Jones, more Punisher and bring back Ironfist, bring back Luke Cage and try CANCELLING all the freakin' contract for this, rights for that BS 'cause we the fans don't give a K'un-Luns anything about all the technical money shit, we just want the GOODS MAN!!!

OverthereLook says:

Jessic Jones and her sometimes sexy ass gets more time but not Luke Cage? That show is lit af.

Amon Ra says:

How and the hell is Jessica Jones is still on…

B Best says:

Luke Cage and Iron Fist should go to the Disney streaming service. Actually, Marvel should pull all of their shows off Netflix and bring them to the Disney streaming service.

Cheapass Gamer says:

i just here for the game giveaway. ya wish imma gonna sub. just give it to me.

NutmegBiscuit 18 says:

They’re better than fuller house 🙄

Kelly Moore says:

Netflix: You know what Disney, you can suck my nuts!!

MsWillowbayOrelse says:

I figured it was because of the new Disney streaming site.

Swam says:

Personally, once Avengers 4 is out and I've seen it, I'm done with all these Marvel projects. Still got a little bit left to go.

TheZippermom says:

They were too crude for youngsters. That means a lot of superhero fans didn't watch them.

Emily Simpson says:

Luke cage and iron fist sucked.. bad acting and boring..I hope they cancel jessica too.. Daredevil is the best.

nafia morris says:

lol good, stupid marxists in hollywood use superhero movies to push bullshit ideologies and concepts as "normal and good"

glad sjw heaven is collapsing.

hyperfex says:

Those were just to many similar shows, for sure there is a place for the characters within the remaining Marvel shows. Or maybe they really will come back united as "Heroes For Hire"?

Jim McQueen says:

cancel jessica jones too. damn is that show boring as fuck.

Zero75 says:

I subscribed. Spiderman please 🙂

Joe Masters says:

How DARE they cancel these shows!! Boooooooooo, Netflix 🙁

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