Why Does Captain America’s Shield Bounce? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Captain America’s iconic vibranium shield can deflect anything, but should it be able to ricochet off things? Kyle throws his mighty science on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

Is there a room geometry where Cap's shield could NEVER hit you? NEW mini-ep over on my Insta: https://www.instagram.com/sci_phile/ — KH

Mystery Things says:

As it's said that the shield can not be destroyed than how did they make the shield because they can heat it or they cant model it to a shape they want it. So how did they do it for cap?

0 Paragon is BAE / SO WHAT NOW EPIC/ theBEaST 1 says:

1. Vibraniums inherent property due to its molecular structure.
2. Shield design.
3. Because plot device.

Coltyn Becker says:

When captain America throws his mighty shield all those who choose to oppose his shield must yield! Unless you're a plane or a bomb or some ice. Cause then he'll chose to take a nap because the ice seems nice. When captain America throws his mighty shield!

Link Fan09 says:

Do an episode on how the half-life tau cannon works.

troy nordyke says:

What is the damage to a person impacted by the shield sufficient to cause the shield to return?

Arthur BRIAND says:

When Black Panther drops, we will have way more informations about Vibranium.

Shev'la Prudii says:

In the comics Stark enhanced Cap's shield with an electro-magnetic manipulator thing to allow Cap to control where his shield goes.
Also, in The First Avenger, when Peggy shot at Steve the bullets just dropped to the ground. They didn't ricochet.

azhhi says:

Water from the Nile

surfitlive says:

The properties of the Vibranium Metal are unlike any other.
Lead and Gold are soft and non-corrosive unlike most other metals being the exact opposite; HARD and corrosive.
Mercury is a liquid at room temperature.

So to NOT believe Caps shield can have such 'special unique' properties is foolish.

Coffee Sloth says:

I thought Cap's shield was vibranium and adamantium. At least I'm pretty sure at one point in the comic books it was. Who knows by now?

Kyleidoscope says:

Is this why BP's suit can also store energy in the movie?

Turkey Bakin says:

Nerdist is better than vsauce thanks to kyle

herp derp says:

as far as i can tell vibranium when struck returns all kinetic energy in the direction of the strike
(disclaimer i'm not a vibranium expert)

Armando serna says:

Episode on Gambits powers please

Joe Lambert says:

Alright but how can he take hits from thor no problem but grenade launchers send him flying ?

Donovan Castillo Sanchez says:

What the fuck is that paint made of

Matteo Matteo says:

On the top right, jeez i thought my screen was damaged

Redlife666 says:

Because it has more bounce then an ounce.

John-Thomas Abbott says:

glass bounces higher then a superball

Eric Cochran says:

okay i got to let you know that cap's shield is made of steel, vibranium, and adamantium the mix is hard to find out how much of each is used to make cap's shield but steel, vibranium, and adamantium is what is used to make it

Benjamin Richardson says:

@Sci_Phile could you explain why, in the first captain america, bucky is sent flying after he uses caps shield to block the rocket if its supposed to absorb and/or send back the energy?

Nate Ivy says:

To be honest you look like Thor

jonatesrides says:


NotUsingMyName says:

ok so why do bullets and other object that hit the shield only stop and not become dangerous ricochet objects at nearly 1* their original speed and velocity, but the shield itself does?

GoProXadventures says:

What about when it hits a person and they get knocked over. That’s a lot of lost energy

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