Where Is Luke’s Green Lightsaber? – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars The Last Jedi has not yet revealed where Luke Skywalker’s green Lightsaber is. It’ll probably show up in The Last Jedi, but WHERE? AND WHEN? Also how did Anakin’s blue lightsaber end up with Maz Kanata and what happened to Darth Vader’s red lightsaber? All these questions are somewhat answered in this video.

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PintOfSam Media POSM PGC says:

Haha the way you word things xD

danivarius says:

It said that in the novelisation of ROTJ, that Luke used a small blast furnace and instructions left by Obi Wan, to make an artificial crystal and build the lightsaber! So stick that up your orifice, numb nuts!

Jacob Torres says:

I think I am better than everyone.

spike mike 2 says:

2:45 what star wars movie is this?

DarkDroidDoesNerfing says:

Luke did have it in the last Jedi in a flashback he used it when he dueled Ben solo

Mastergamer 7829 says:

This comment will add up 1 mire comment ti the total

Andrew Taylor says:


First Last says:

5:00 please stop calling video games cannon.

rraguirre421 jones says:

Kylo ren has it when luke tried to kill kylo he pulled it out to defend him

Ziggy Craft says:

2:50 Otherwise Luke could've just opened the draw and been like: "Oh sh*t! I'll just use this lightsaber! It's already made and everythin!"

Spiderhunter180 says:

Dumbass Robot Body ?

gtgamerelit E says:

3:53 ???

tripwaffles _ says:

The way u put it makes no sense and it just really sucked.

Mega Gallade says:

I like to think in my little Headcanon that Luke’s green Kyber Crystal belonged to Qui-Gon Jinn

John Reese says:

4:34, finished what the lava started…

Light Torch says:

And Ray blue lightsaber it's not anakin's.Anakin lightsaber was in young luke hands.After he lost his hand his saber felt down.Maybe someone took it

Samuel says:

Rey's force back vision shows Kylo holding Luke's' green light saber which he presumably took when overthrowing him and burning Luke's academy

Samuel says:

Finishing what the lava started. Hilarious

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