What’s The Damage? – Titanic

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We figured that in addition to counting up the sins in Titanic, we’d better also count up the monetary damage, since there was probably a lot. So… here you go.

Also, you might consider checking the calendar, if you’ve somehow made it this far without realizing what’s going on.

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Wagman J says:

Cinemasins found 10 minute revenue in 2014

Yoyomoose 123 says:

Its priceless

Nathan 304 1987 says:

that was short

nb2008nc says:

Stupidest. Video. Ev. Er.

Conrad Gallardo says:

Mar 31 2014

Tnv Madhav says:

Wtf is this shit ….what the fuck is this shit? What is happening?

Josh Beasley says:

What about the heart of the ocean that lady trashed?

Fleerrpp 42 says:

like a virgin, touched for the very last time.

j9rd11 says:

Reading through the comments and I read nothing but hate. I thought this is cinemasins, not bad boys.
Btw, why doesn't cinemasins make a video 'everything wrong with titanic'? It seems to me that cinemasins makes a video like this, because 'titanic is so awful, I cannot stand romance. Let's all laugh, hahahaha, titanic is so bad, hahahaha'. What a bunch of losers.

Jay Allen says:

what about the table and glassware and the heart of the ocean I'm sure there's more

Spacewarp Photography says:

Roflmao as of 0:33.

Sound Silence says:

what's the name of the song that played with penis cam?

Kyra says:

this was so good

Ozzie 177 says:

One day too early.

Mikel S. says:

So I am on the What's The Damage playlist, and during the last video, I saw this one up next. I sorely hoped it would be a 10 second shot of the Titanic sinking with the label "One Titanic". When the video loaded up and it was 10 minutes long, I was completely devastated. Then… it happened. And that was the happiest I've been, and most I've laughed, in a very, very long time.


This was a day early.

Peter Fordyce says:

Is 'everything wrong with Titanic' blocked by Fox in anyone elses countries? It must have happened recently as I watched the first part of the video a couple of days ago.

Genises Snipe says:

2:53 perfect

chelseatheblues1905 says:

Lol, this was uploaded on 31 march, thats not april fools

That Fancy Reaper says:

You motherfucker…

Dancerkitten 42 says:

where is the sins video for Titanic

Pun Master3738463 says:

Next up what's the damage 2012

The Gaming Ninja says:

You guys are dicks to subs ding ×100000 plus 10.52 for the whole vid being a troll

mrdbhere totally says:

at 0:09 why cant u just say pounds? As that what the currency was

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