What’s The Damage – CinemaSins & Vsauce 3 Celebrate Godzilla

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What’s The Damage is back, and this time it comes with a second helping of movie minutiae goodness from our friends at Vsauce3! So check out all the damage we could find in 1998’s Godzilla, and then click over to Vsauce3 for more Godzilla fun.

Here’s the Vsauce3 video, What If Godzilla Were Real: http://youtu.be/3cesaPTik_Q


Jason Bellows says:

What's The Damage Transformers movies!!! Or what's the damage Godzilla 2014!!!! 🙂

Pigug the shadow says:

Bring this back

4cidcat _ says:

Godzilla is a fuckin dinosaur in this movie

Lisa Williams says:

That's Zilla

AvniPlayz VideoGames says:

Zilla better get your wallet ready


Protonic Mapping says:

What happened to this series? Why was it abandoned?

Ian the boss says:

Zilla 2 OP world pls nerf.

Singularity Raptor says:

Sin1 you called this a Godzilla.
Add a million sins for this.

E135 says:

The only problem I see is that you only counted the fishing pole in your costs. That is just the pole (salt water fishing gear ain't cheap, and that one seems pretty beefy), you forgot the reel (the most expensive part, the good ones can be over $200), the line (like $20) and whatever hook and bait he had on (insignificant in the end, but that would be like pocket change).

Laura Rivera says:

Bill Gates can pay the damages and is still very very rich…. man… im si poor

Sans Gaming says:

This is funny

Angela Torres says:

That's 0.02% of the National Debt. Depressing.

Sammy pancakes says:

Godzilla hates everything

Aryo says:

Bill gates:uhhh,how much is my change again?

cockroach gaming says:

Godzilla F**king hates random buildings

Tony Lym says:

why dont u make one that actually Godzilla because this one is Zilla not Godzilla

Bayblazed says:

That’s zilla wtf

Stoman says:

That’s a lot of damage

Zacimus Prime says:

Holy shit they've got so much to pay????!!!


do this but with godzilla 2014

Ghosttardis says:

Now that's a lot of damage

phenox spartan says:

Trump: Hold on, let me get my change purse real quick.

Phoenixi Phoenix says:

it's zilla

Grant Wang says:

That movie should be called "GINO: Apocalypse"

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