What Thor’s New Look Means for Ragnarok! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

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Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we got our first look at Thor’s new look in Thor Ragnarok, but what else does it reveal? Jessica has the Asgardian secrets on today’s Nerdist News!

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agent Smith says:

so id have to say your thor wielding the space gem is looking grim with loki holding the tesseract full and intact (infinity teaser) but the glimpse of the footage shows thanos lifting his gauntlet up only showing one gem in it that is shining blue so looks like he will get that one first

TheJohnnyWonderful says:

She mentions the absence of Thor's hammer and where it could be…. Why is it not brought up how Hela destroyed it in the trailer

Kelsey C says:

Hela disintegrated Thor's hammer with just one hand

wolvesfan1973 says:

Did you watch the trailer??? Thor's hammer got crushed by Hela.

Gabriel Ocon says:

It's all about mu mu?

Conor Kavanagh says:

"If Scarlett Johansson walked in here right now, her hair would be the… second… thing I'd grab."

Suddenly it's a joke about sexual assault :')

Jeshu Carl says:

first of all, shave your head !!!

Blade _14 says:

What about Jane foster?? She can lift it

Keeping Up With The A's says:

pew pew… pewdie pie pie die die.

Taco Percy says:

Does anyone think that Thor now looks like Asher Forrester?

Night Mare says:

Vision will die soon because Thanos is going to take the gem from his head

BrowncoatBoaz says:

"From Hair to Eternity"? Good flick.

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