What Rick’s Cybernetic Enhancements Mean for Rick and Morty! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

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Rick and Morty have messed with time and space plenty, but apparently Rick has also done so with his own body! What can we gather from these cybernetic parts? Jessica is checking them out on today’s Nerdist News!

Do you think there is more to Rick’s improvements? Let us know in the comments below!

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Whoa Dubby says:

Yes it does get old very quickly..

Shad Jones says:

The Ricks likely change often. Not all of them have the same enhancements

Matias Affolter says:

This is called "transhumanism modules" not cybernetics.

Cybernetic is a kind of science

Brandon Entsminger says:

Cari Dee rules all.

Schwarzer Ritter says:

I think Rick got the enhancements when he swapped bodies with a Citadel Rick, but he lost them when fighting Toxic Rick.

Tessa Tru says:

OH! And one more thing, Nerdists… couldn't there be WAY more significance to Rick's enhanced cyber-eye than just what we see here? I could swear Evil Rick was similarly blinded… and I KNOW the correspondingly Evil Morty had something going on optically, too. Something that allowed him to control "Evil (/Android) Rick **remotely**.

Could Rick's enhanced eye be foreshadowing their evil selves origin story?

Tessa Tru says:

The nanofiber defense mesh was an impressive one, but I feel as though that could lead to all sorts of serious continuity issues down the line. I mean, you can't be THAT indestructible without consequently becoming boring. True, enemies can still target Rick's "irrational attachments" as a means of getting to/ hurting HIM… but you could simultaneously argue that if he's gone this far to protect himself, he's likely done the same for his handful of loved ones.

All seriousness aside, though… you know how some guys refer to their dicks as "little thems"? Like, say a guy's name is Jack. Jack may ask out Jill, and if Jill goes out with Jack she may wind up meeting "LITTLE Jack", ya dig? Well that's what I loved most about Rick's chart, here- the censorship of "Little Rick" *literally* manifesting itself as LITTLE (i.e. "Tiny") RICK, rather than some cliche digital blur or whatever.

The little spaz looks SO F#€%!G HAPPY to be between his alterego's legs… he's practically pornographic, himself, he's so into it. XD

The Gamer King says:

He gets a new body pretty much every ep or two so it does not matter

Bob Rossu says:

Yes. Yes it does get old. After three seconds in fact

Ben says:

Yes, you're over-thinking it.

Mechs says:

That sounds maybe lame BUT MAYBE it is an another Dimension but yea this one is good too

Captain Doomsday says:

So during the fight with Toxic Rick, he just grew a new body.
So much for the cybernetics.

Ayyy kys says:

0:24 it does

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