WHAT LIES BELOW Official Trailer Reaction

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Robin Stiff says:

Lovercraft inspired tentacle creature feature. 🐙

Crystal says:

2:56 I'm interested, I wanna know if hes a fish lol

Skytzo Beatz says:

Y’all just explained the whole movie without even seeing it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nikki Likes says:


Jshiggy3008 says:


Nayeeb G says:

B-class horror movie. No…C-class.

Sudip Sarkar says:

nooo.. he is a fish… LMFAO

Dr Diabolical says:

Imagine in the third act, M Dogg comes out of water and shouts "HE IS A FISH".

Dr Diabolical says:

How do you guys manage to run in all awkward situations… in this case trailer 😅

JAX 2000 says:

It looks like a fun B movie lol

alex says:

That sh$#% was wiggity wack… 🔥 🔥 🔥 BARS! 😂🤣😂

Stephanie A Dory says:

The Lighting is selling this Movie, along with the Camera Angles. No Acting yet, another Screaming in the Woods Movie. Catch it on Cable… LOL

Chris Dixon says:

Lifetime romance meets Goosebumps episode meets Syfy twist? The beginning music reminded me of "Life Is Strange" OST tho.

D G says:

The mom gonna be a monster too

Twoswordsdrizzt says:

How you gonna call her out as a pervert after literally any video you've put out with a little hottie in it? Also…

HE'S A FISH!!!!!!!

Bino Virex says:

Anyone else think what lies beneath

Brandon Trammel says:

Reminds me of invasion tv series which was extremely good and shouldn't have been cancelled


so if lifetime tv made a horror movie …

KingHenryXCV says:

Keep the reactions coming


why this dude walk out the water like aquaman .

Lavonda Bell says:

Could be Swamp Thing….I'm guessing that… good trailer

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