Warcraft – Movie Review

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After decades of devoted fans praying for it, Warcraft is finally adapted to the big screen. Here’s my review of the “Warcraft” movie!

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grimmer2005 says:

I really liked this Warcraft movie, it was alot better than I expected.
And even the CGI was really good, and better than expected.
I enjoyed it, and it feels good. Because I have wanted a movie for this since the 90s when I played for YEARS the Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 games (I never got into WoW).

mihal greksa says:

This movie was good, something new and original.


It Stole music from 300 rise of an empire

Limitless Being says:

wow should be a series not movies it is to much lore for movies

ehamadification says:

This could be very well be the review for the Justice League film.

Sergiu Plesoianu says:

I would say it was half good half bad. The humans were very unlikable, they acted like duches and were made to seem very weak. The orcs were good, can't realy complain about them. The romances was part of the human part, so … meh. If they had invested as much efort into the humans as in the orcs, it would have been great.

Sabo Kage says:

Any body noticed hellscream

Felix Marcano says:

Never played any Warcraft games but thought the movie was really good. Hope there are sequels.

Constantine says:

Fair review. IGN trashed it for literally no reason other than routine pessimism for Blizzard games.

Spriggz says:

"There should be a trilogy for just this story", haha that would be crazy. Especially since there's probably gonna be 2 more movies just as long and stuffed with lore like this one. At least hopefully, I liked this movie and would LOVE to see the Lich King in theaters.

Grey Fox says:

wrong he is Quan Chi.

Bonifilio Soto says:

I liked it, and I'm not even wow fan, it was hard to understand but I got enough to enjoy the movie…really looking forward to the sequel

Dwight Shrute says:

2:11 – Han Solo, Star Wars Episode IV

VideoGameMasterMind Cthulhu nerd says:

this movie sucks BALLS!

Austin O'Donnell says:

the acting was so atrocious. felt like I was watching a collegehumor bit

nettebco says:

Ummm is duratan a moknathal? Why is his skin beige again? I dont like a game without my fav characters in the actual game
Only thing i like was guldan and medivh

chappy says:

I think this is the best they could've done considering we're talking about a videogame movie. I had a blast watching it and I would recommend it to anyone even mildly interested in a high fantasy/war movie.

I just hope we'll get a movie adaptation of "day of the dragon" some time in the future. I know Warcraft and world of warcraft are different universes, but i'd still love to see it.

Emmanuel Macedo says:

Make this entire story into a series not a movie. I hope Legendary does this. A series would allow for a better story and character lines.

유민재 says:

awful, mindless, idiotic secnario.

유민재 says:

to me, This movie was insult to fans

Welp this is here says:

The directions cut and if you already know some of the lore it's not bad

marius voges says:

i watch this movie twice now and maybe just maybe this movie is better than people think. i enjoyed it and had good story too. Shame is it did not do so well at box office so i wont see a sequel?

HAM4HAM 4HAM says:

This film was a good time, no alcohol required

ENZIE says:

Just finished watching the move never played any of the games and I really enjoyed it

Clyde Romeo says:

I liked this movie it is good

gnoslleh says:

Would you review Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy xv!

Adri Villafañe says:

I watched without having played the game and I enjoyed it. But it was after I started playing it, that I truly understood the significance of some of the characters and factions.

James Deal says:

This dudes movie reviews are always SPOT ON.
I loved the movie but that's because I know the lore. I can imagine it being painful for those who don't. The second biggest issue was DEFINITELY the forced interracial relationship. It could have worked but the way they brought the two characters together was FAR too weak.

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