Villain Pub – The Boss Battle

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Batman enters the lair for Villain Pub Episode 5 and whenever the hero invades an enemy base there is always a boss battle.

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Michael Ross says:

Please make a part 2

Rebeca Loseo says:

Cercei i5 that u

beauty queen says:

this is so awesome

Bat Kid says:

Make a part 2 of this

Bat Kid says:

Who's been waiting for this

Thirty Little Hacksaws says:

Love this 😀

Shreya Singh says:

He's punching him back in time! ?

Eldibar6 says:

Shot in the face!

Qwayzo X_X says:

Ledger:Look at you go!
Hamil:Have a laugh now and then.
Nicholson:Wait’ll you get a load of me.
Romero:Are you done?

Master Yoda says:

If they actually made a crossover between everything like this, Palpatine would destroy all of them

Samuel Clay says:

Nom nom nom nom nom nom

Jonathan Berry says:

Do a barrel roll!

Caleb Hanegraaf says:

"Cowardis returnis" ???

Free Movies and Videos says:

Who's wrinkles?


Finally something cool here

Team Crush says:

Can u do a sequel to this please that is something I want to see

Carter Kuntz says:

But Batman has no powers

violleta volanti says:

is this bad that i like villain pub more than hero cafe?

Ivy pool says:

Bat-man hits all my favourite villians! Thats not okay!

Trevor N says:

Palpatine is still the best villain

REV Vega says:

Is preditor really a villain

DM Bara says:

Thank you for shark repellent

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