Triple Frontier Trailer #1 (2019) – Reaction – Trap N React

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Triple Frontier trailer starring Ben Affleck


Cerebrophage says:

Just watched the trailer with ben affleck.

I felt it was just a bunch of pro-gun enthusiasts get antsy they cannot use their military combat training
anymore so they decide to go into the piracy/mercenary business and
realize later that they got way in over their heads. They realize that
with drug cartels you cannot proverbially chop the head off the snake
after robbing them of multiple millions of dollars of cash. The movie
then after the heist shows them getting their asses beat in by said
cartel until they make some sort of miraculous stand against all of
them because they were four guys with military training and had guns.
I've never seen such a propoganda movie before. I'm pro liberty (people
should do as they wish provided it does not infringe on the rights of
others) – thus I believe if someone wants to own a gun, let them. But
god damn this is propoganda if I ever saw it.

MessiLifestyle says:

Can u so reaction more with b wood y’all are the best duo

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