Transformers: The Last Knight Movie Review

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Transformers: The Last Knight is here. But should you transform your dollars into tickets?

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Dan Murrell ►

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Angelo The Cookie says:

I love Dan’s ranting (especially when it comes to Transformers)

watrgrl2 says:

Dan the man of Awesomeness in movie reviews!

Nicholas Leon says:

When is a honest trailer going to come out

dgetliffe says:

I liked the first four. I admit that they are not well put together, and that 2 and 4 are abominations of filmmaking, plot, characters, etc. , but they are fun guilty pleasures where I can watch some superb set pieces and shove popcorn into my mouth. 5 however, does not even have this. It is atrocious. The changing aspect ratios from shot to shot were just an insult to the audience. Even the action sequences weren’t fun. With the other 4 you could turn your brain off and marvel at the effects, but with the last knight you can’t even do that. It is just so incomprehensibly stupid and insulting and a struggle to get through. Thankfully it’s the only film in the franchise I did not go to see at the cinema, and it seems audiences are also getting tired too with the poor box office performance

Shashank G M says:

You were so damn right about the aspect ratio…it was really lazily made…!!

Angel Luis Peralta Castelan says:

can you please give us a transformers the last knight honest trailer

ablo show says:

But just show me robots fighting one muggufin one plot stop trying to be good and just make a simple movie

cross cut says:

Will u make an honest trailer of it?

M Morales says:

On point ?
First one was the best

Samuel Schönenberger says:

Jokes on you, the movie flopped

AfroSunshineX says:

I loved the previous movies, but this was hawt gahbage

Eri Firmanto says:

Where is the honest trailer for this horrible movies, so horrible i wont watch bumblebee movies

ESHADOW111 says:

I just saw the movie on a bet and this is it. I am officially done with this franchise.

Jin Wu says:

I only watched the movie to admire Laura Haddock :))

Angus Ng says:

It did well at the box office.

Jolene Jolly says:

this was the most well composed movie rant I've ever seen, gotta love Dan >.<

MDthornton83 says:

We are five movies into this franchise. And they failed to deliver the substance that fans wanted. Storytelling is not what these movies are about. But I can tell you one thing; they ARE about mediocrity. And Michael Bay is a master of shit.

Martin Smith says:

love your passion! dont ever change 🙂 thanks for these reviews, really enjoyable.

ryan0348 says:

good thing they didn't get a I'm off of me

ryan0348 says:

true true. It was total garbage

Noah Blank says:

Actually, this film did substantially worse in both America and China than the previous one.

CystGenderedWhiteMale says:

Alright movie if you turn your brain off this "story" has contradicted itself so many times its laughable

Osmosis Jones says:

I don't understand how this franchise is still continuing.

Super Mario Sweet says:

Well transformers 6 has a new director in 2018

Pete Puebla says:

Yes! Tell it brother! If we keep feeding Hollywood this with our money they'll keep feeding us more.

Thinh Vo says:

Lay off the Bacon brother you salty af.

XavierSanchez says:

I want to see a show full of this guy

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