Top 10 reason why sucks

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Arnar Er Besturson says:

gimme my tea bitch. damn, that shit good

Daughter Deep says:

good job. proud of you. <3

Hypocritic says:

Does Adum Johnston is gay?

Sam Seidel says:

I liked him before but this has really changed my mind.

Shatzy Shell says:

Omg, Adam, you got ROASTED SO HARD. Time to kill yourself, buddy.

BoborRUU says:

Man gg u roast that furry faget gud. pls let me suck your dick :^)

Daniel Crowley says:

I'm glad Adam's actually seen this.

Victor D.T says:

11. he a gay

Tomas Canevaro says:

"he swear" i swear on me mum

F. Mercenary says:

The real reason: He lied to me, he hates-ah me, electricity, virginity

cereal says:

hey you forgot the fact that hes a huge furry

HeadOfColinMochrie says:

hi everyone its me Mark English and get ready to enter the Fact Zone

Abbey Brunzell says:

he's a steampunk

Ion Barbu says:

perfect troll.

Cyber Robyn says:

Shit satire.

Chris Haugan says:

Anybody who falls for this obvious bait is really stupid

Max Kozachenko says:

Cool clip bro. Nice critisism of 'reviewers haters' you've got there. Like and share.

manband20 says:

Stunning and brave. Such a courageous outlook.
Fist me, daddy. My asshole aches for you.

Susan Neckebard says:

Who knew this many of YMS' fans are absolute retards.
This could not be more obvious bait and yet here they are whinging and moaning at it.

Super Kid Collector says:


Weeaboo Jones says:

criticizing a Canadian furry prank GONE SEXUAL

Adam Tortellini says:

This is a joke you silly geese

Hotdog Michael Austin Cera says:

We'll Canadians are not that much different than Americans

MarkDeMort says:

Not sure if trolling or just the dumbest person alive.

Robert Wilkinson says:

Gave me a good chuckle. 🙂

Sheridan Mella says:

This is an obvious troll, you fucking morons.

RaoZ says:

This is the worst video I've ever seen.

Chalupa Batman McArthur says:

This is some high art right here.

Is he trolling? Is he fucking with me? Did he just have brain surgery, or is he trying to say something profound about the state of society?

We'll never know.

Inappropriate Username says:

YMS favourited this… I wonder if he just made this acount and this video to troll people.

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