Top 10 Powerful Comic Book Characters

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Power. Everybody wants it. Some people got it — in spades. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 most powerful comic book characters. Special thanks to our user Nonu Dang, MrKlatez, Tommy Leamon, Atb19, Marlon Jacques, Mr88668866 and JasonIGN for submitting the idea on our page!

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Mr Death says:

These guys no nothing about comics.

Sanjay S says:

Where is anti monitor

Fictional Fan says:

OK wtf most of these guys are stronger then superman.

Sidd Plays says:

Pheonix should be higher

Alex danton says:

where is dormamu and silver surfer

Gray 001 says:

Mxyzptlk wya?

Deaunte McCombs says:

Hell no hulk is atleast top 3 because the more angry he gets the stronger he gets so thnk again

Van Pew says:

Where the hell is Lucifer Morningstar?

nefertiti akhenaton says:

seriously? where's Luke Cage? Shit list and racists

Camryn Thompson says:

1.Wonder Woman
3.Jean Grey
4.Doctor Strange
5.Super Man
6.Scarlet Witch
7. Hulk
Don't hate just my opinion and 1 is the best and 10 is the worst for the list

Ashkan Ebrahimi says:

Hmm… the most powerful characters are superman 1 million, one above all, presence, spectre, dr.manhattan, and one punch man. Galactus is no
Where near the most powerful, hulk can beat him

siejar aslampour says:

Where tha fuck is The Flash, Flash is stronget than Superman he can throw him in the speed force and he can never ever come out again

Ash Kamble says:

They are dumb one comic book characters , shown in this video… And where is Goku?

Anfmethodjor says:

Noobs! Superman is only quasi-omnipowerful on earth, yet with a glaring weakness.

Galactus is not the only power cosmic entity.
Phoenix is a cosmic entity, JGray is just a vehicle. For that matter, I'd include Spectre (DC).

As for Logan, I can of countless comic book characters more powerful than him.

Silver Surfer, Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, Spawn…

TempzZ says:

Superman one million would beat everyone on this list combined easily

Cayden Sears-Missledine says:

silver surfer

Jay Hernandez says:

What’s the background music guys??!?

leerw says:

Nice list but Im not sure I agree.

Meme Team Bruh Tream says:

watchmojo will you ever get this right

Aaptai dang it feels good to be a gangster says:

Wtf is this bs

Flame Firestorm says:


Smart Ukadike says:

Impossible hulk is stronger than superman

Lakshmi Sharma says:

Where is sentry he is powerful then every one powers of 1000 exploding suns

Michael Johnson says:

Sentry is strongest in comics


Stan Lee is the most powerfull.

KandJmovies says:

"do you think we're gonna tick him off by not putting him (galactus) on this list?" well clearly you haven't read world war hulk.

KandJmovies says:

I haven't even seen the whole video but it must be a horrible list if hulk is at 10 he is 1

kyara Marie says:

This list could have been much better

JACK_ MTG says:

So no doctor doom, the presence or the one above all? Lol

Janni HD says:

This list is stupid in some points. Thanos should be way higher on this list. And Superman isn't more powerful than Dr. Manhattan.

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