Top 10 Films of 2012

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Cole Wozniak says:

19:20 wow, now I want to see this film

MrT hommyl says:

I saw nr. 2 on tv about a year ago and it fucking destroyed me

Byeah #427 says:

Goin' out there with a hand grenade an' a condom on my hand.


How about I fuck you like you're a little boy

Jaap van Klinken says:

"And if you thought a paralysed man getting a sex surrogate is a ballsy subject, wait till you get a load of this" umm was this phrasing intentional?

the hillbilly gamer ! says:

These movies are relatable to nobody but hipsters and virtue signaling assholes

the hillbilly gamer ! says:

Always movies are for one all subtitles why can't you do an English dub

the hillbilly gamer ! says:

Change the title of this to be born and artistic bullshit movies of 2000 whatever

the hillbilly gamer ! says:

What a surprise you're in the same thing it's so shocking considering your choice of movies

the hillbilly gamer ! says:

Y'alls recommend that South Korean movie to everyone everyone loves reading subtitles spend the whole movie

Amir Ali G says:

i love you adam for recommending samsara

Melechkibitzer says:

I love your videos. I'm going to watch them all eventually.

Mike Cannon says:

I wonder if adam now realizes that lucas hedges is in moonrise kingdom at 27:30 and if he hated him as much then as he does now

EYTPS says:

Man, that number 2 spot is so relevant today given the men who have lost the jobs they rely on as a result of bogus sexual accusations

TheMrMojoRisin67 says:

Adam, I don't know if I've ever done this (if so, I don't remember), but thank you so much for doing these film recommendations and these lists. Thanks to you, I have seen Rec, Dear Zachary, El Dorado, and Panique Au Village (among many others I can't even begin to list). I figure sometimes running a youtube channel is a thankless job, but, really…thank you, man. You've really broadened my film horizons.

Aidan Walsh says:

26:06 dust in the wind lookin ass

Syl AtTheMovies says:

it's not Mats Mikelsen, it's Mas Miklsen

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