Top 10 Disney Villain Songs

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They’re the tunes that make these animated bad guys look good. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Disney villain songs. Special thanks to our users datmovieclubber, Deathmatch1959, Montgomery Hill, LordJeffries, and Mark Weissglass for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at!

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Marie Holland says:

Be prepared

Adam D says:

top ten yees

Space says:

How is "How Bad Can I Be?" from The Lorax not on the list?

Jake Tyler says:

Be prepared! in my school musical I am scar

Hayley Smith says:

1) Prince Ali Reprise
2) Be Prepared
3) Savages
4) Siamese Cat Song

Kamron Washington says:

My list
1) Poor Unfortunate Souls
2) Hellfire
3)Be Prepared

Kamron Washington says:

Voodoo wasn't even evil that's just how Europeans made it look like

BlueFlamingo MSP says:

My favourite eviil song is probably… How bad can I be?I don't know ok? It's a great song and I've became obsessed. I also like/am obsessed with Be Prepared, Hellfire and friends on the other side.

Joy Diaz says:

Try to hear 5:385:41 becase one of the song say savages

LoveScar4Life :3 says:

The movie from The song Hellfire is actually quite dark for me…

Dean TheDino says:

Nazi hyenas ;-;

Diane Ruth says:

Oh please I got friends on the other side should of been number 2 or 3

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