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Welcome to Snow Hollow… Terror grips a small mountain town as bodies are discovered after each full moon. As officer Marshall is consumed by the hunt for the killer, he struggles to remind himself there’s no such thing as werewolves.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a horror mystery movie, directed by and starring Jim Cummings. Releasing on VOD and selected theaters on October 9, 2020.

Starring Jim Cummings, Riki Lindhome, Robert Forster

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David Woods says:

Another guy in a rubber suit….

1 Bad Jesus says:

.. Werewolf BETTER. NOT. BE. CGI!!

Krunoslav Stifter says:

That is pretty corny. Not scary, not funny, not suspenseful and its a trailer. If they can't make a trailer any of that, what should be expect of yet another wolfman movie.

King Cricket says:

is robert forster just a sheriff in every movie

Andrea Materia says:

Where's the (were)wolf?!? Praise to Robert Forster, though.

Martin Colvill says:

I believe Robert Forster's last movie.

Martin Colvill says:

Looks good.

Julio Gulio says:

Seems more like a comedy then a drama… trailer editors these days amirite

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