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Check out the official The Wolf of Snow Hollow Trailer starring Jim Cummings! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 9, 2020
Starring: Jim Cummings, Riki Lindhome, Robert Forster
Directed By: Jim Cummings
Synopsis: A stressed-out police officer struggles not to give in to the paranoia that grips his small mountain town as bodies turn up after each full moon.

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Bhavesh Gohel says:

Better watch Teen Wolf season.

Frosty Lopez says:

Looks like the bones of a really good movie, but the trailer felt confused with what tone it wanted to portray. I want to watch though.

tinwoods says:

Hopefully, this will be the first decent werewolf movie of the 21st-Century.

jackeyed - the alpha gamer says:

Hello guys , try out my channel for montages.. So far i have done 2 , fordvferrari and a death in gunj..

Frederico Sousa says:

Is this a comedy, an horror film, or a drama?

Caffeinated Nation says:

Big bad wolf playing in the background 😂

Cindy Colombo says:

Who's the singer? Haunting voice

Miriam A says:

I can't tell if this film is taking the piss or it just looks bad

Fatty Buccha says:

You had me at 0:22.

Liam Crowell says:

This looks like a depressing drama with a werewolf in it instead of a good werewolf movie😞😞

Boy Hogg says:

Who sings this cover?!?!

Michal Šeps says:

Well… werewolf actually IS a man, so…. 😛

Brent Delong says:

Where do I know the female deputy from.

cwwjr1681 says:

I already know the ending. Gary Busey got drunk and wondered into Snow Hollow. Its not a werewolf its just Gary Busey

cujo the kitten says:

Yay.. Casey Affleck is back

taskforce169 black says:

Is this a fan film?

Jacques Potgieter says:

Who is the shouty, twitchy guy that's going to make me not watch this movie? The lead is acting like it's a comedy… Is it a comedy?

Кунг-Фу Падла says:

Is it comedy or thriller?

Jimmy WasHere says:

I was sold when I saw the old school Orion logo pop up on screen, but ya it looks like dark comedy so I'm a check it out.

Marcia L. says:

this looks intersting.

Minesh Ratnadurai says:

While making the movie: This is a comedy
While making the trailer: This is a horror drama

Corey Byrd says:

If True Detective, Fargo, and What We do in the Shadows had a love child

Meep Meep says:

is this a comedy in secret?

Allan Alberts says:

0:22 – im sorry but, you car is like right there … and you run away from it? lol

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