The Thing 2011 Commentary (Podcast Special)

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The Thing (2011) commentary with Oliver Harper, Richard Jackson and Duncan Casey.

You can find us on Twitter Oliver @OllieH82, Richard @its_jacksontime and Duncan @DuncanCasey

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Sean OBrien says:

Your video review keeps cutting out. I have to pause it and play it constantly

Sean OBrien says:

Just call it the thing prequel

Johny40Se7en says:

Whoever does that anorak voice reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson when he makes fun of silly buggers and that guy off Only Fools and Horses, so cheesy but quite funny most of the time. Good podcast. This film was such a missed opportunity, not using the practical effects from Amalgamate studios really fucked things up, stupid corporate wasters messing with things they know nothing about as always.

Oh yeah and when someone says about 1:12:56 "when Dr Copper sticks his hand into the face" he said that on your John Carpenter's The Thing podcast too and I remember saying, that's Blair not Dr Copper, Dr Copper had his arms bitten off =P

Schwatvogel says:

its an okay flick and works story-wise well as a prequel…. but the fake looking CGI really drags it down. For my part, I'd really like to see a special edition with the Practical Effects they originally did.

jelliscorpio says:

Kristofer Hivju (big bearded Norwegian guy) was in Game of Thrones as Tormund. Perhaps he likes acting in the snow?

sirjaunty1 says:

I remember that Heinz Ketchup advert. It had a MacReady character saying something like,"We gotta help these people". It was on around 2006/7 and not played that often as I seem go recall. Cannot find it though. Anyone out there has?

MadCap Productions says:

About the earring device….
Joel Edgerton was human the whole time despite Kate's suspicions when we do see the earring on his right ear during the snowmobile drive in a focus close up.
However, when they get separated in the ship, Edgerton's character hears something oozing in the corridor, The Sanders-Thing lurking around and off-screen until he shows up, it is assumed he was ambushed and assimilated by the Thing which was confirmed when Kate tricks him into checking his left ear when she knows it's on his right.

I Serve Colonel Vega says:

And please don't compare this to Alien Covenant.. which if anyone has listened to Ridely Scott's commentary..on that film.. It's a masterpiece.. and I'm not even over exaggerating .. as fan of the film.. The way he breaks it down for you.. in every scene.. is beyond excellent..

I Serve Colonel Vega says:

The true problem..and the only problem with this film was lack practical effects.. cgi = not real..

SpyengoEen says:

While not the worst remake/prequel/whatever, it's pretty decent if there never was a The Thing movie before, it's just so unnecessary, because it's just a lamer remake of Carpenter's movie.

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