The Snowman – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Snowman starring, Michael Fassebender, Rebecca Furguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Val Kilmer, J.K. Simmons. Directed by Tomas Alfredson.


Shan Swiss says:

Did Rebecca Ferguson's character get murdered? or was she just knocked out and lost a finger? God I hope she wasn't murdered, anyone know? I still can't comprehend what I just watched

Shan Swiss says:

I just watched it and I still don't understand what even happened

Cool Bro says:

D+ more like F

Cool Bro says:

This movie 7% on rotten tomatoes that is even lower than the emoji movie.

Thiago Aguirre says:

I will just read the book.

Manuel David Rendon Acevedo says:

That's sad, I did like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Will Evans says:

Why would they release a Mystery Movie with 10-15% scenes un filmed?

Ben Kochenderfer says:

The Blu-ray is a dollar at target. Form your own opinion if you want. I like to form my own first, then read the reviews. I hate spoilers.

This reviewer nails it.

unapologeticwhiteman Winner says:

I found it very predictable. like every thriller cliche in one movie. I knew who the killer was about half way through the movie. that was when it really went from a so so movie to a bad movie. I like you gave it a D+ to a C-

TechTap says:

I spent 5 bucks on this on blu ray
Its trash
I want my 5 bucks back.

Anonymous Poster says:

OMG, you are way too kind….this movie was dog shit…the director and the editor should be banned from the movie business….forever!!
and if this was filmed as per instruction of the screenplay, then the writer should be banned too!

Google made me do it says:

K I actually just saw it and I have to admit that the movie gets you going until the final minutes and confrontation. Deflated is a nice euphemism for saying that it releases the tension by letting a huge fart all over your face. So from there I stopped taking it serious and it was the best decision because not only the music gets worse but the confrontation is so anti-climactic that I just started laughing. It's that bad. And yes, the final scene is like "What are we looking at here?" and then suddenly you see Fassbinder and he says "I wanna make a sequel".

Also, Chris: I think he became an alcoholic because of the supposedly low crime rate in Norway. Considering he's supposed to be specialized in murder and crime this could make him feel depressed. It was also very obvious that Oleg is his and Charlotte's character's kid and he still didn't accept them not being together. So no job, no family, some people need less to start reaching for that bottle. On a side note, how ridiculous is the idea that suddenly there is another serial killer on the loose right after they caught the first one? In motherfucking Norway where murder almost non-existent!

Wild Man says:

I don't fully understand this review because I thought that the movie was unique and very interesting. I wouldn't say it's completely disappointing because I was interested the whole way through, but I do agree that they could have been a bit more informative on a few things. That being said, I understood the movie just fine. In fact, I figured out who the killer was about halfway through it so I actually thought it was a bit predictable and if you go back and re-watch the film you might understand why I say it's predictable. I mean there are more than a few clues as to who the killer is and there are only a select few culprits, only one of whom could be the killer for obvious reasons. All in all, I would like to know more about the story so I might just have to read the book. Just thinking out loud.


Good review. I wanted to like it but like you about half through I was in over my head. The shots look good, the acting is good with the exception of Val Kilmer who appeared to be very weak and ill or in dire recovery from his battle with cancer. But even with that Kilmer is more of a B movie guy anymore. Yea, I gave up rewinding to figure out what I was missing.

Dana Cantrell says:

I'm gonna be honest. Regardless of this movie I'll have to say I like movie reviews but this Chris guy I find just down right annoying.

Kat Password says:

It sucks that this movie didn’t do well …especially since the second book is like a million times better and I probably won’t get a chance to see it adapted now ):

Pelis express says:

I read the book. Offensive

Google made me do it says:

I can't wrap my head around the fact that people were actually excited for this movie. The trailer made me believe it was gonna be a horror comedy.


totally agree with you about everything. i don't get why this movie was so bad

Majid Hussain says:

Just watch this, rubbish film

D10S says:

I watched the movie and its such a dissapointment!!!

LazyDogsRanch says:

Just as a sidenote: I cannot understand why they didn't change Fassbender's character's name, given that most people in the US don't know the book is by a Norwegian writer (Jo Nesbo), have never read any of his books, including this one, and reviews inevitably lead to "hole" jokes or asides or just expressions. The detective's last name is pronounced WHO-lah, it doesn't rhyme with "whole". The Snowman is not his best book, and the movie sucked, too.

Jam Lym says:

I once had a dream in which a man killed a person and kept the body inside a snowman.

Ugly Puppy says:

Sounds like a review for The Last Jedi ?

Rob Hernandez says:

The book was about like the movie.not that great.

simsdas says:

"Harry Hole". Oh, oh boy.

music is my soul says:

When I saw the previews I was so amp for this movie. But after I saw the popcorn review I said to myself no way dude those previews look amazing, and then I saw it tonight, and now I have lost 2 hours of my life

folladordeprostis says:

It was ok, not a great movie neither that bad, kind of slow, better wait for dvd

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