THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Trailer (2019)

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First Trailer for The Secret Life Of Pets 2


FilmSelect Trailer says:

Here is the first trailer for The Secret Life Of Pets 2

nguyen yen says:

The Secret of Pet 2 of the coming Theater June 7, 2019 this summer.

Yesugen Delgermunkh says:

The cats are the best

Megan Evans says:

I know the movie will be in theaters in the summer but what month/day? Whenever it says reply to my comment

Megan Evans says:

When will the movie be in theaters

Zachary Loizides says:

You see here is the second trailer for Uglydolls Kelly Clarkson Moxy Nick Jonas Lou Pitbull uglydog Janelle Monáe Mandy blake Shelton ox Wanda Sykes wage
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Ben O'Brien says:

0:30 Is Katie wearing an engagement ring? Maybe the movie will focus on Max adjusting to her fiance?

Nicolle Stevens says:

My grandma's cat used to bring her shrews. She would pet him, because she understood it was a present… and a lot better than finding them in the cupboard.

HenryYYT says:

when you want to rape someone

Cory Conrad says:

To me the last part of the first trailer says " We start fire " which made me laugh.

abreitkopf says:

the secret life of remy

Sandra Valencia says:

Cat part is funny. 😁

Tennis Ball from bfb UwU says:

"we start fires" i had the same reaction as Max

Adventurer Retro says:

1:18 We start fires…

Adventurer Retro says:


Amber Snyder says:

we saw fires i love that part

Jovhanny Feliciano says:

Max sounds just sounds like Jessie from Minecraft Story Mode.

Waynetastic says:

We Start Fires 😀

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