THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 "Gidget" Trailer & All Trailers So Far (2019)

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Official The Secret Life of Pets 2 "Gidget" Movie Trailer 5 & All Other Trailers 2019 | Subscribe ➤ | Jenny Slate Movie Trailer | Release: 7 Jun 2019 | More
The Secret Life of Pets 2 will follow summer 2016’s blockbuster about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day. Illumination founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and his longtime collaborator Janet Healy will produce the sequel to the comedy that had the best opening ever for an original film, animated or otherwise.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) is the new animation movie.

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Ashlynn Nuding says:

Hey Daisy’s voice actor is Tiffany Haddish who also voiced Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi from The LEGO Movie 2

Siobhan Cadogan says:

Snowball and Daisy are cute

rad olszewski says:

Love it bro

Oreo Cookie says:

Snowball is cute but……………I never thought he’d be that manly and uhhhh…….

Darren Turner says:

0:17 gidget thinks it's funny that she want her tail smell like feet

robin hastings says:

Late birthday present to me. Looks funnier that the first. ❤️❤️😂😂😱😱

Niel Moreno says:


Toni Go says:

Wieso ist das auf englisch wenn der Titel auf deutsch ist?

RAYquaZAz says:

what did daisy say at 2:53?

Anime N' Games says:

Did I just watch the whole movie? Still watching once it comes out though, looks cute af!

leafy devil darling says:

but why does my dog act like a cat?

Scarlett McCall says:

Where’s duke

Sebastian CoolLatino says:

I saw the gidget trailer ad right before this

Christopher Torres says:

😻 she is so cute

danielaurista says:

Gidget acting like a cat,& Captain snowball. Wonder how this movie will turn out.xD

Marvels Avengerz says:

Are u finish?

Chase Gaming says:

Where's Duke?

Gidget The Adorable Puppy says:

Gidget is so Adorable

clown bag21 says:

What if I'm a bad dog

Keshav Imperial says:

Aww poor snowball I feel sad for him.I hope Max had a great time in that Hospital 😂😂

Kaushik Devvarma says:

I got cattitude

KinoCheck International says:

Check out another new trailer for The Secret Life of Pets 2!

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