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NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) – In the face of such groundbreaking developments, this bulletin aims to present a general review of the most important new music-specific search engine. Search engines have become a key part of our everyday lives, but this Rich TVX News Network bulletin is about – but not only about – the Rich Mega Music search engine. The story of Rich Mega Music is important in its own right. Search engines represent the screens through which we view the content of the web, but firstly, it is necessary to provide a definition of a music-specific search engine. Perhaps the simplest approach is to consider music-specific search engines as the search products that localize music-related and music-specific information on the web. The phenomenon that surrounds the Rich Mega Music search engine has highlighted the extraordinary potential, and the appearance of the search engine unites distant worlds. This new irresistible force – Rich Mega Music – will blow apart conventional music search on the internet and has the potential to revolutionize the music world. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin charts the birth of Rich Mega Music search engine. Lucifer is a fallen angel who was the head of the ministry of music in Heaven. A trendy music-specific search engine was seemingly what the research team behind the development of the Rich Mega Music search had in mind. Rich Mega Music makes it easy to search not only by the name of the artist or the track title, even Rich Mega Music does not store any file that is downloadable, but also by various such important genre variables: R&B/hip-hop, Latin, rock, pop, electronic dance music and many other genres. The appearance of new functionalities in Rich Mega Music will pave the way for future developments. This means that Rich Mega Music is the advanced prototype in the vanguard of future developments in the music industry. Read more here.