The Real Truth About ‘Super 30’ & Hrithik Roshan’s Comeback

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Filmi Drishtikon says:

Inspired by you we have also made video on super 30. Please watch and provide your feed back.

Shishir Srivastava says:

Ritik ka chutiya fan

Ritwik Bhattacharya says:

One more issue was….not every poor person wears dirty clothes

Money Gamer says:

super 30 is scam.. i was student of this institute in 2009

Aved Sayyed says:


rohit srivastava says:

I am from Bihar and let me tell you that speaking with intensity is different than speaking in normal situations. Bihari accent gets more raw when speaking in anger and the trailer shows those parts only so can't comment unless we see the movie but I know that overall the performance will be mesmerizing

rahul vaid says:

Jamwal .. I really like it.. was eagerly waiting for his comeback .. I really hope achi jaaye ye movie… Loved your work😍😍

Sonam Patel says:

What about when anand kumar exposed that now he start doing business

Ashok Maurya says:

अमीर खान को लेना चेये था।

chetan giri says:

Are you reading a book? 🤔

Hrehan SK says:

Waiting for your review man👌👌👌

Akash Porwal says:

Hrithik is legend

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