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Check out the official The Place of No Words Trailer starring Eric Christian Olsen! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 23, 2020
Starring: Nicole Elizabeth Berger, Eric Christian Olsen, Bodhi Palmer
Directed By: Mark Webber
Synopsis: A young boy battles the complexities of a grown-up world with his father.

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Alan Dario Aguilar Badillo says:

i'm already crying

MightyManotaur22 says:

so does the kid have cancer or something and this is her mind processing death and the afterlife? because I do not want to watch that movie.

SisAndBroTOYShow Collier says:

Where the wild things are
(Childs imagination of the Afterlife)….looks amazing

Thomas Windsor says:

Sad movies!

achronos178 says:

The girl is dying isnt she…someone is dying and I'm not ok

Film Buff says:

Another rip off of Wild things are and Narnia

King Gob says:

Stephen Stills at it again!

EmLee Gee says:

You know what I needed? A combo of Where The Wild Things Are and A Monster Calls. I'll let you know when I've found all the pieces of my shattered heart. 😭💔

Aashish Malla says:


Luka Mrse says:

So this is the guy that ruinned The Amazing Spiderman…yikes

TikiShootah says:

….yep someone's dying in this movie.

Otte Otte says:

"Where the Wild Things Are: iPhone Edition"

Tirebz says:

does anyone else think the sound is really bad?

Sevira Asynjur says:

Wasnt this movie realised last year?

Andrew Thomsen says:

i am ready to HURT

Elfos64 says:

Release date?

Caro K. says:

I haven't really gotten the context of the movie in this trailer 😄 can't quite put it in a category

Deepak DU D.R. says:

In Hindi language

Cain Hopkins says:

this is gonna be a good one.

WhoShawnMarshall says:

Why do I wanna see things that I already know are gonna make me cry

karl chandran says:

Looks exploratory and introspective!
The visuals are mind blowingly beautiful!
Looking forward to the movie's release!

tileman17 says:

so what the hell is this about?

Jared Galarza says:

Bruhhh the Thumbnail scared me 💀

Remy Morato says:

Didn’t this come out last year?

Luke Blizz says:

i cant be crying at a trailer ffs

Voldamares says:

Beautiful trailer. Very…moving.

Sherlyn Teh Lay Lian says:

Nice 🎥 ❤

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