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Check out the official The Opening Act trailer starring Jimmy O. Yang! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 16, 2020
Starring: Debby Ryan, Mircea Monroe, Bill Burr 
Directed By: Steve Byrne
Synopsis: An aspiring stand-up comic gets the chance of a lifetime when he hits the road as the opening act for his idol.

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Nerd Safari says:

YES! Some of our favorite comedians, acting out how they fought to get to the top! Looks like it must have been pretty therapeutic to make!

If you want to see a couple of drunk nerds lose their minds over this trailer, check out our latest reaction video on Nerd Safari! 🤓🍻

Richard Berglund says:

Its like every great stand up comedian (how is Tom Sugura not in this) got tired of getting past up for movie rolls and they all just made there own movie about being comics

MightyManotaur22 says:

So wait am I supposed to believe that Debby Ryan is his girlfriend?

Alexander Wesner says:

More marxists jeez its not funny

Frank Buenos says:

You have to start at the bottom.

Brendan Schaub says otherwise.

Thomas Windsor says:

Movie will probably be good, trailer was terrible

Nuruddin Afqar says:

Like im a really good looking, if you’re into anime


SUBSCRIBE for nO reason please says:

The Most Amazing Moment in Life is When U and Your Loving Patner are in Good Terms.

Yousef Dweik says:

I wish Chappelle and Louis were in it too

Lymer says:

sooo… the joke is that he’s not funny but keeps getting gigs?

I don’t get it.

Danny Mak says:

But where's Bobby Lee, Vince…?

Accidently on Purpose says:

Two funny people are in this movie. Burr and Peters.

Jeans DeLaJeans says:

How does Tommy Bunz not make the trailer? 450k mommies will see this movie just for him.

Larbear 25 says:

Incoming wave of people who said something moderately funny once at a party, now all think they can do stand up.

Harold Keyes says:

Bobby lees losing it right now!

k k says:

면상왜저러냐.. 꼭저런애만쓰더라

SoCali says:

This is literally a comedy about not being funny and it works, it's not funny

The McWhopper says:

Reminds me of that sitcom "yo teach" and not a movie. Looks like it should be on NBC

SatisfyMySoul says:

You had me at Bill Burr , take my money already.

I Just Fell Down says:

I thought Cedric the entertainer was dead.

Whirling Music says:

This looks as flat as my coke from 12 years ago

Nabin yadav says:

How much like it's trailer million or billion

Forrest morrow says:

Hope the trailer was just bad… But looks like trash 🗑️

أحمد حسن says:

Everyone out here

BaconMilk says:

Funny People 2

Nekotaku TV says:

Isn't it "were yesterday"?`
And that ending was weird.

Invox says:

Ok, I'm definitelly gonna watch this. 😃

ScrubTheNub says:

Wonder if there's going to be a scene of Jerry Seinfield picking him to go grab coffee.

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