THE MULE Trailer (2018) Clint Eastwood Movie

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The Mule Trailer – 2018 Crime Movie starring Taissa Farmiga, Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood
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About The Mule:
A 90-year-old horticulturist and WWII veteran is caught transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Michigan for a Mexican drug cartel.


yo mama says:

The old man can still act


This film and hard-hitting star power from those young "studs" of today like Pena, Cooper for the 15-30yr olds, the in-betweens like Lasardo…the 35-50 yr old crowd with Garcia, Fishburne to THE LEGENDS OF EASTWOOD & WEST…I have read and heard (for what it's worth) a true friendship and bond was established with MY all-time favorite people..not just actors but men in Clint Eastwood…damn such a stud, a true Manly man (I do not place many "men" on that list as myself being what I considered to be a Manly man years ago myself or at least a wannabe) and Brdley Cooper during their time together with AMERICAN SNIPER…as Chris Kyle's widow, his father and other's had to be convinced by Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper they would bring honor and balance to the screen portraying not a character but a real human, a husband, a son who was visciously murdered after surviving so much…and they pulled it off while the left limp **CKS of hollywood shafted them during award ceremonies left and right (funny how they are all piss and vinegar now ready to commit violence simply for wearing a MAGA what hypocrites!!!)…anyway, point being is there was a bond formed inwhich almost like Eastwood handpicked Cooper to carry the torch for him in acting and directing…One which Cooper recognizes..sorta like Sammy Davis Jr passing the baton down before his passing yet that baton was dropped to never be picked up again within just a few years…anyway, really cool to see…I was worried about Clint when he did that awkward monologue at the RNC a decade or so ago…but he has come back swinging…sadly, just the trailer…I can relate..having been extremely successful to only lose it all almost have dissappointment on the face of your kids, to be humilated later in life…if there was a way to salvage something even being a mule at that age or my age would be worth the risk..or would it…life sux for too many…looking forward to this however…God Bless Clint Eastwood!!! A TRUE AMERICAN BAD-ASS…oh, last thing, how many know that John Wayne couldn't stand Eastwood..tried to get him blackballed more than once..the Duke stated, Eastwood is a disgrace bc a real manwould never shoot someone in the back..referring to one of Eastwood's westerns…perhaps not exact words but close..sorry Duke…Clint has you beat in my a long "shot" !!!

John Johnny M Magennis says:

Clint Eastwood Living Legend

Big bad dawg says:

This movie has Oscar performance all over it!!!! This man is a National Treasure.

polar bear says:

The CG movie actors get millions and do absolutely nothing but voice over work.

James Evans says:

Clint Eastwood still kickin like a…. mule.

canon isensys says:

Walter White aged badly .

Rachel Lynn Summers says:

this looks good. last favorite was grand trino. hope he makes 1 last western movie. he could be a bar tender or something.

Kalani Robb says:

Dyin ain't much of a livin boy!

Kalani Robb says:

I rekon so…..

lisa krupsky says:

I love his movies:)

Shawn M R. says:

Highly anticipating this masterpiece. This will be another masterpiece by the greatest.

I Q says:

One of the greatest living legends in the history of film, Mr. Clint Eastwood.

Adam M says:

Oh hell yes

Guillermo Garraton says:

Clint is like a fine Margaux. He gets better by the year.

And with some Rachmaninov somewhere along….it gets more interesting.

Alexander Magno. says:

Lots of people know the true one…
like I said a masterpiece

pineyLt says:

Oh here we go, Clint brought us another gut wrencher.
I have no doubt if its not an Oscar winner it should be.


Can't wait to see this one, would love to see another western with Clint and his son Scott, that would be classic.

Carl V retired and traveling free in our R V says:

Looking forward to seeing it but I hope he kicks some *ss in this movie and it’s not just another chick flick.

ralph crosby says:

Ok i need this one right now

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