THE MULE Trailer #1 NEW (2018) Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper Thriller Movie HD

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THE MULE Trailer #1 NEW (2018) Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper Thriller Movie HD

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Tom R says:

Love Clint. Why is Bradley Cooper in it though?

H. E. Finley Jr. says:

Clint Eastwood still has it….

Adrian Mitchell says:

He's never made one crap film,, everyone is great,, they get better n better

nitrokyosho says:

looks awesome

Matthew Todd says:

Great guy and a hifi buff

Luismi Monllor says:

He'll reach 100 and still he's kicking off…

InabilityToBeBrief says:

Work most important thing on earth. Not kidding. Every person’s last words should be “I regret nothing!”

Nigel Even says:

Would of really made a Great “Jack Reacher” 👍

Count William Jannusch says:

This looks awesome. Clint Eastwood rules forever..He seems immortal..

phillips mickx says:

this trealer smell the OSCAR !!!!!!!!!

Dom Mirra says:

I've been going to see Clint Eastwood movies ever since I was a young boy when my mother and father used to take me to the drive-in Clint is the master it doesn't matter how old he gets you could guarantee that you're going to see a kick-ass grade A movie when you go see a Clint Eastwood movie I love this guy so much he is definitely one of my favorite actors right at the top of all time ever the man is brilliant Long Live Clint Eastwood!!! And yes I'm definitely going to see this movie! Looks great!! And one more thing how you fucking assholes that want to talk about his age and how old he looks you must be really young because the only people that are worried about getting old are the young people everyone gets old and it'll happen to all of you too someday and I doubt that most of you will be on the fucking cinematic screen at 88 years old and he's not done yet so cool it with the fucking how old he looks shit it's lame fucking lame

gb032645 says:

Wow – Clint is really beginning to look frail. Makes me sad.

ldchappell1 says:

Come on more Dirty Harry movie. "Make My Retirement"

Cliff Bell says:

Clint is beginning to look like the Crypt Keeper.

José Voltatoni says:

Clint Eastwood, envelheceu tanto desse jeito, ele esta irreconhecivel ,ele não é tão velho desse jeito.ESPERO UMA REABILITAÇÃO E MUITA SAUDE PARA ELE.

Michael Vines says:

It would have be cool if he was Harry Callahan in retirement for this movie.

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