THE MULE Official Trailer (2018) Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper Movie HD

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THE MULE Official Trailer (2018) Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper Movie HD

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Leandro Machado says:

2:16 … that’s the similar looks from Bruce Dern in Nebraska…

DAWO says:

Best Best actor

TheDugo74 says:

When Clint Eastwood is in a film you have to watch it.
Best actor in history and now

martinflashgordon says:

it will be another Clint' masterpiece, thank you Clint.

Susanna Billson says:

Respect the Legend

Martin Vrabeľ says:

Rachmaninoff's theme of Paganini in the background

Sean Adams says:

This actually looks pretty good

Puppets & Traitors says:

Clint look old as a fucking Jewish decrepit cunt.

buddhalove88 says:

music by Paganini

Hawker75 says:

Get off my laaaaaawn.

Russ says:

This trailer looks better than damn near all the movies I've seen…except for the last Clint Eastwood one.

Paul T. says:

"You just shot an unarmed man!"

"Well, he should have armed himself then."

Geoffrey Thompson says:

Mr. Eastwood….man you folks call him that makes me old. Ha ha

quang le my says:

ohhh… blondie…..

Dan Harris says:

I remember seeing this when it was called Breaking Bad.

Dimitrios F says:

Jesus Christ is that Pena actor in every law enforcement movie?

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