THE MULE | Clint Eastwood | Bradley Cooper | Trailer Reaction!

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James Joseph says:

Clint still skis regularly in the winter. He's still a very active guy.

BeLiEvERs Team says:

watch our trailer jaby

tamil upcoming film

Arsalan namgyal says:

The guy sitting in his house make reaction vidoes don't like Grand TARINO 😉😉

Armando Castillo says:

…..u didn’t like Gran Torino?! Million dollar baby just okay? Wtf lol

C Liberty says:

Gran Torino was terrific.
I suspect you didn't like it because of the racial slurs. Oh brother!

Srsilolia Silolia says:

I m 80 year old I know sometimes it get emotional like tears arent enough to describe pain and you know, but in our time we unaware about depression and you doing suicide, Pussy 2018ians you guys are, come on live

Nikhil Sharma says:

Lol Jaby. Is it because Gran Torino had alot of hate speech against Asians and racial stereotypes from Eastwood's character at the beginning?

aboobacker siddique says:

i like Gran Torino

aboobacker siddique says:

i like unforgiven

Mat Beck says:

I think Grand Torino was a good movie, but i didn't like it either. Totally hated the ending!

SCharlesDennicon says:

"I think Clint Eastwood is a wonderful director… Gran Torino is the exception to that rule" –> The exception. Right. Not that train wreck of a movie that was The 15:17 to Paris, not Hereafter, whose french scenes still make me cringe to this day, not the ridiculous J. Edgar, not The Rookie… Gran Torino. I like you guys, but this must be the silliest thing I've heard or read in a while, cinema-wise. ^^;

zacwp says:

every actor in gran torino besides clint eastwood was horrible

Southern Trend Productions says:

Gran Torino is amazing…

James Evans says:

Clint Eastwood he's gotta be the most famous actor out there

Paul Polpiboon says:

you guys know he's been acting since Gran Torino though right? Have you not seen the Curve? And you guys know he's always directing Big Time movies still, I mean you have heard of SULLY, come on that was like barely 2 years ago!

btw the eyes of you guys roll left and right and move around a lot, so it seems like it must be a really big screen youre viewing. Also good point from you guys "one more time" is really our self illusion. Otherwise, great reaction, basically everybody feels likewise,

Scripts, Clips, Series & Flicks says:

Clint Eastwood is an amazing actor and director. Now Mayor? Not so much … but I do love Carmel, CA and his son, Kyle Eastwood, is an amazing jazz guitarist.

Looking forward to this movie (and I loved Gran Torino … one of the few movies that he dies in) … wait … is that a spoiler these days????

EL Wiesel says:

DAmm its FUCKING CLINT EASTWOOD HOLY SHIT HE IS NOW OVER 90 and Make this as Director a Actor and Regissour fuck holy shit you are the ONLY one in Net to reakt to this i salute you !" with Respekt he is an American treasure – <and in the FUCKING TIME of TRUMP is that more Importen of that ! than you believe !" he is the "GUY"! – BUT YOU SO the Only !to REACT the Movei so rest do the Fucking UC MC or AC shit what its so out !" !" So this is a real Actor and a real Story thats the best!" i Salute Clint Eastwood !" and i am Young not over this 50 time or so

PRATIK1900 says:

Gran Torino was fucking GREAT

shoaib nadaf says:

I loved Grand Torino.

Tony S says:

The woman in the wedding dress who plays his daughter is also Clint Eastwood's daughter in real life. Her name is Alison Eastwood.

redhotchilifan98 says:

This genuinly looks great clint has had alot of miss fires in a row but now that hes directing and in front of the camera again it looks like this is a big improvement im excited



Abhimanyu M says:

Jaby Koay loves Black panther
Doesn't love gran Torino .

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