The Mountain Between Us – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Mountain Between Us, starring Kate Winslet, Idris Elba, Beau Bridges, Dermot Mulroney. Directed by Hany Abu-Assad.


your majesty says:

because kate n idris are so gorgeous all these technicalities about th dog and conveniences is not really that important cuz you want to see these two gorgeous specimens get it on. I thought it was very romantic and the ending made me glad. i watched that bit over and over a few times cuz im schmaltzy. this is what they were going for. it worked for me. it was very sexy for this genre. how sexy would it have been if they ate the pilot after he died or the dog on the brink of hunger. different movie. not sexy. the romance worked for me cuz the stars were really sexy and I wanted to see them fall in love no matter what the contrivances .

hamza1947 says:

too harsh a review i think…

Gambit Quant says:

so we are just going to ignore the fact that her left leg is broken and yet she uses a crutch on the right side?!?!?!?!?

yozpay ozpay says:

Movie sucked every aspect

L W says:

A C-…wow!

Darren Fox says:

It was shit

Lucas says:

This movie was fucking terrible

SlightlyWetFart says:

I like Kate Winslet and I like Idris, but I find interracial romances uncomfortable to watch.

Besides that, I totally agree with this review

Irwin De Gannes says:

Fair review. I have to agree.

Justin Malone says:

Just watched it. And I thought it was awesome. I guess im just not that overly critical

Kenneth Liang says:

This movie was meh.

durcheinander says:

God I hated this movie so much.

The script is boring and completely uncinematic. I didn't care for the characters in the slightest. I didn't feel like we got to know enough of them to care, apart from the compassion you'd have for any fellow human being lost in the wild.

The worst thing was the complete lack of chemistry between Idris and Kate. Actually, maybe Idris is a good actor but here he was awful, he had no depth at all. Kate was on a completely different level and it gave me the feel that emotionally, it was a romance between a middle-aged woman and a much younger man. Ugh, cringeworthy.

brianhitzone37 says:

This was my first movie of 2018. I really liked it alot.

Jonathan Mosher says:

I couldn't even deal with this for 20 minutes. A cougar wouldn't get anywhere near that plane for weeks. The fire looks like it was made with logs with no bad smoke? How did the flare or the dog kill the cougar? The mountain climbing? So stupid and unrealistic

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