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Check out the official The Midnight Sky Trailer starring George Clooney! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: December 23, 2020
Starring: Felicity Jones, George Clooney, Sophie Rundle, Kyle Chandler
Directed By: George Clooney
Synopsis: This post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine, a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully and her fellow astronauts from returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.

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michael lantz jr says:

Netflix is just rockin it out!

TR Kyle says:

i see Felicity Jones im sold <3

Neil Tomlinson says:

Seems like George is going after another Oscar and possibly not just one. Also, the soundtrack that is playing in the background of this trailer is absolutely beautiful! I need to know the name, if somebody knows please tell me!

NoHo_Hank says:

Oh, looks like they made it to the antenna based on the end of this trailer. Another movie I can scratch off my list. Thanks Netflix! 🙄

MrHEC381991 says:


That little girl only exists in his mind.

Mike R. says:

I'm calling it now: the daughter is dead the whole time, and he's imagining her being present.

Lisa says:

Looking forward to Watching this on Netflex

Fabian Huber says:

Is this a Gravity sequel? 😛

Embry A. says:

Well, you know they made it to the satellite. Not sure why that was necessary to show, kind of ruins the action and suspense in between.

AJ Walker says:

I don't know about this one. The whole premise of the film feels off. Putting the protagonist in danger without a real reason but I guess that's why they want us to watch the movie. The trailer wasn't very compelling for me to care enough about "why" to watch the film ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Abe McG says:

I have a bad feeling this will be soul crushing 😢

B S says:

our planet can handle life, but it can't handle our idiotic decisions to constantly abuse what's been given to us

Whirling Music says:

Music name?

Honesty Man says:

That was a good movie, I'm glad they made it in the end.

Cloud VII says:

I do not like survival planet. Give us giant aliens.

L VR says:

Looney Clooney? HARD pass. How many immigrants did you hire to work on the set?? ZERO?! Total hypocrite and clown…

dirk diggler says:

So he finds the antenna…..

Rehan Afzal says:

this after 30 year later from now 2020 and we still didnt cured covid-19

Lizardo Palomino Lavander says:

Y esta es un ade eellas

Lizardo Palomino Lavander says:

Arturo mercado hace verlo muy viejo a clooney por dentro las muchas veces que lo dobko

Lizardo Palomino Lavander says:

Todo eso le pasa en ser dobladi por arturo mercado chacon nacido en 1940

Lizardo Palomino Lavander says:

Geoege clooney nacio en 1961

Lizardo Palomino Lavander says:

George clooney looks older in the movie

In-N-Out says:

I thought that was Antonio Banderas in the thumbnail lol

SAMCRO says:

Coach Taylor!

Hossen Sayeed says:

I got Interstellar vibe.

Edwin Jose says:

It's hard seeing Clooney getting old. Means we are getting old as well

Molossus says:

$50 we have to save Matt Damon again.

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