The Midnight Sky (George Clooney, Felicity Jones, 2020) – Drunk Trailer Ambush!

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Our inebriated explorers check out The Midnight Sky, streaming on Netflix in December 2020 and starring George Clooney, Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, Tiffany Boone, Demián Bichir, Kyle Chandler, and Caoilinn Springall! They seem a little distracted though, by the ongoing heated debate about who is… the worst Batman?!

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About Nerd Safari:
Ellie and Simon Rice host movie events and parties for the Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters, introducing movies they love, talking trivia and hosting goofy competitions to win prizes.

They decided to put these movie introductions online to act as recommendations, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown, as well as share their passion for great movies, especially those gems that you may have overlooked or forgotten!

Ellie particularly loves Sci-Fi movies, especially Star Wars and Star Trek, while Simon is a die-hard Fantasy, Horror and 80s Action fan!

They love to meet new people, chat about great movies and collaborate on projects, so please leave a comment or reach out to chat!



thegreyman says:

Hmm doesn't seem too bad, potentially interesting! It's on Netflix too for free I guess so I might get around to it.

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