The Marvel Symphonic Universe

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Off the top of your head, could you sing the theme from Star Wars? How about James Bond? Or Harry Potter? But here’s the kicker: can you sing any theme from a Marvel film? Despite 13 films and 10 billion dollars at the box office, the Marvel Cinematic Universe lacks a distinctive musical identity or approach. So let’s try to answer the question: what is missing from Marvel music?

This video was made by
Brian Satterwhite:
Taylor Ramos:
Tony Zhou:

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Interviews filmed in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Special thanks to David Chen for feedback:

The Hollywood Reporter 2012 Composers Roundtable:
The Hollywood Reporter 2014 Composers Roundtable:

Music Cues:

Daniel Pemberton – Orchestra Tuning Up (from The Movies (2005) video game)
Ramin Djawadi – “Test Day Eleven” (Unreleased from Iron Man)
Patrick Doyle – “8m52 Warriors Find Thor ALT” (Unreleased from Thor)
Henry Jackman – “The Smithsonian” (from Winter Soldier)
Danny Elfman – “Heroes” (from Age of Ultron)
Danny Elfman – “Farmhouse” (from Age of Ultron)
Patrick Doyle – “Ride to Observatory” (from Thor)
Henry Jackman – “A New Recruit” (from Civil War)

Temp Music Examples:

300 (2007)
Elliot Goldenthal – “Victorious Titus” from Titus (1999)
Tyler Bates – “Returns a King”
Titus owned by Fox Searchlight Pictures
300 owned by Warner Bros. Pictures

THOR (2011)
Steve Jablonsky – “Einstein’s Wrong” from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
Patrick Doyle – “Hammer Found”
Transformers owned by Paramount Pictures
Thor first owned by Paramount Pictures, then transferred to Walt Disney Studios

Henry Jackman – “Captain America” from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
Junkie XL – “Brothers in Arms”
Winter Soldier owned by Walt Disney Studios
Mad Max: Fury Road owned by Warner Bros. Pictures

Hans Zimmer – “Mombasa” from Inception (2010)
Michael Wandmacher – “Mass vs. Acceleration”
Inception owned by Warner Bros. Pictures
Drive Angry owned by Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment

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shockwave2018 says:

Gaurdians of the galaxy was good

The Powerpoint Master says:

Avengers theme?

Matin Naqshbandi says:

The avengers theme song is always in my head. It gives me emotion and I've listened to it many times.

CitanulsPumpkin says:

I love how the initial premise is a trick question.

"Here's a list of 5 franchises that each stick within one genre and often one cast of characters, all while using 1 overarching musical tone the audience has had years or decades to memorize. Now try to answer the same question about a "franchise" that includes a dozen different casts, tones, genres, and individual franchises all capable of standing on their own."

It's easy to take pot shots at Marvel since it's literally the most successful player in town, but audiences should not hear the score to Captain America and think "Generic Marvel theme song!" Or worse, they shouldn't be watching Iron Man and think they're hearing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Please spread the criticism to a few more doorsteps. Where's the video calling out Transformers for using too much Linkin Park?

Ali Rabbani says:

Hey guys, I know you closed down your channel but i just wanted you guys to know that what you did here, especially with this particular video changed the movie world. How? Well thanks to you guys the director of Thor Ragnarok – Taika Waititi and Music Composer Mark Mothersbaugh changed their approach to the music in the movie as they are big fans of your channel which resulted in Thor Ragnarok being one of the movies that you won't forget audio-wise. So i guess everyone in the Marvel Movie World wants to thank you and I for one hope at some point you find the time and energy to return. Until then we will all wait patiently.

David Castle says:

Should have asked them the Simpsons theme. Everyone knows that one

Göran Gustavsson says:

I relly like the The Avengers Theme in the first Avengers movie, in the second Avenger movie i miss that Theme

JD Bond says:

Wasn't expecting Vancouver?

Cyber Jackalope says:

God, I hope Thanos gets an operatic chorus. His mere name makes a perfect operatic hook!

Random Person says:

I can sing almost every song in the MCU?

That man in your basement says:

Ant Man had a fucking bomb score.

Nathaniel Barbian says:

"It's not bad, it's just bland and inoffensive." = Literally every marvel movie. And now Star Wars as well.

Hollyweeds says:

This inspired Mark Mothersbaugh to make the Thor Ragnorock soundtrack memorable and badass. THANK YOU! Come back Every Frame  Painting!

toprakcem savas says:

the guy goes shiiet :1:23 lmao

SP Inc. says:

I feel like the Avengers theme is one of their best, and it did pop into my head when he asked the question. It may be only one, but it's a great one.

Betho Eskalante says:


Jon Smith says:

I sure as hell know the theme song of the avengers and the guardians

Power Houz says:

I've memorized the entire all of the MCU's Movie's theme.

Mateusz Mrozek says:

This is something DC is always gonna be better at. Btw. I am Marvel fanboy.

Not a Yetti says:

At some point, the question presented at the beginning of the video is kinda pointless. Because we have to admit ALL of the Star Wars movies, James Bond, Mission Impossible etc share the same song/OST whatever you may want to call it.

As for the MCU, every single movie has a different theme and none share the same tone. Beside the Avengers ones but even then, Age of Ultron had just barely resemblance to the first avengers. That's why nobody remembers.

Jeremy Munene says:


THE GROX says:

people that he interview isn't a soundtrack geek

pecosRoy says:

i never believed that marvel movies were supposed to 'challenge expectations', but you've made your larger point.

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