THE LITTLE PRINCESS Shirley Temple – full movie

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The Little Princess is a 1939 American drama film directed by Walter Lang. The screenplay by Ethel Hill and Walter Ferris is loosely based on the novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The film was the first Shirley Temple movie to be filmed completely in Technicolor. It was also her last major success as a child star. Close captions – closed captioning – subtitles for the hearing impaired

In 1899, the young Sarah Crewe (Shirley Temple) is placed into an exclusive London boarding school by her widowed father, a wealthy British army officer about to embark for South Africa and fight in the second Boer war. Although she had previously spent all her life in India, Sarah adapts well to her new surroundings. However, things take a turn for the worse when her father is reported dead in battle and his South African financial holdings confiscated by the enemy, leaving her alone and penniless.

movie has closed captioning for the deaf and hearing impaired
Close captions for this movie are out of sync .

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Josie P. says:

ever since i was little i fell in love with all her movies i even took ballet, and tap dancing and singing, she's my number 1 child star i even friend her on facebook before she die. I miss her truly Love you a bunch my little star!!

David Wales says:

My heart is SMILING now. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

Melissa Bennett says:

Wait what about Becky?

Ruth Ehoule says:

The end ❤❤

Diana blu says:

Such a great actress

Britt Weasley says:

I so shipped Jeffrey/Rose. Jeffrey was hot too.

eric jaramillo says:

This movie is so so so emotional ?

eric jaramillo says:

I love this movie

hamdi kamel says:

كم هي لطيفة هذه الطفلة وكذلك جميع أطفال العالم how nice this girl as Well as all the children of the world

Javier Figueroa says:

You are amzing

Rebecca Herschman says:

Why can't they make movies like this for children anymore? All those movies with fast moving computer generated animals making crude jokes…this is a classic i love it ! Thanks for posting!

Kate DiLiberto says:

It would have been a very difficult feat for ten year old to sneak all of that furniture into the house! What was Miss Minchin thinking???

A Gavin says:

Just brings me back to sitting on my Grandmas' couch and watching this with my sisters. Good times 🙂

Kristen Thompson says:

i love this movie the ending always make me cry. however if theirs one thing to complain about its the fact that t should have been a bit longer because i wanted to know if caption crewe adobted bekey or that miss minchin got what she truly deserved

angela123 altintas says:

No, just tired and very and sickened by their greed.

Kristen Thompson says:

miss minchin is a heartless bitch.

Kim Pederson says:

I was born in 75 and this has a favorite since I was just a little girl. Very good quality

Ms attitude says:

Out of all the kids movies. This one is my favorite and through the comments I've seen very little negativity. I was surprised and happy to see all the happy comments.thank u

Mary Crawley says:

This in my opinion is the Best version being that it’s the Original and The Little Princess is played by none other than the Wonderful actress, Shirley Temple. Also I like the one called A Little Princess , with Amelia Shankley, second then the one with Liesel Matthews, Third. The second one however is different than the first and third bc well a certain important part is very different but I don’t want to say and spoil for anyone that hasn’t seen what I’m talking about.

upsherjewels JewelscentREP says:

Thank you for sharing this video! good quality too! It's Thanksgiving Day and it's time for the oldies I love to watch during this holiday season! I love Shirley Temple movies!

56bluegold says:

A very good movie.   Thanks for posting it !

زهره الغالبي says:

الرسوم كانت اجمل بكثير اداء جدا سيء للغايه

زهره الغالبي says:

ياريت لو مترجم للاسف

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