The Lion King – Reborn (2019 Movie Trailer) Parody

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First there was Maleficent. Then came Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book and Beauty And The Beast.

Introducing the newest Disney remake. The Lion King - Reborn. Coming 2019

Yes this is a fan trailer. This is not a real movie. I love the original Lion King and I can't wait for Disney to finally release a remake.

The original Lion King starred Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Whoopi Goldberg, James L Jones and Jeremy Irons in their iconic vocal roles.

It's THE LION KING: REBORN.... a 2019 trailer featuring the original Lion King cast.

If you loved Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book and the rest of disney's classics then get ready for their next major blockbuster.

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Footage used in this trailer came from the following sources

The Chronicles of Narnia
Exorcist: The Beginning
Life of Pi
Voyage of the Dawn Tredder
Prince Caspian
The Jungle Book
Compare the Meerkat

and of course

The Lion King #trailer #2019trailer #movietrailer


Gabby Lambert says:

Ha and this is really happening now

Towabear says:

Prepare ourselves for the action this summer! July 19.

Kitten Scribbles says:

Give a warning next time when it’s fake, ok? Not everyone reads a paragraph of a description like yours.

Mati O says:

Fake Trailer

Tiny Hen says:

Oh god this is actually happening now

michaelsangel73 says:

i cant wait so excited they got carried away with the teeth tho lions teeth aint that long

Conspiracy Theory Talk says:

WOW he predicted the future

Wallace Liow says:

Although there are no specific records documenting the origins of the Lion Dance, tales have been passed down orally from generation to generation. One tale tells of a mythical monster named Nian. Every year, Nian destroyed the village’s crops until the Prince of Heaven sent down a mighty lion to scare Nian away. Since the villagers had never seen a lion, they created a creature based on several animals, called it a lion, and danced the Lion Dance yearly to keep Nian and all monsters at bay, thereby protecting their crops from that time on.

Tammy Luvin Life says:

Everyone stop thinking this is lion king it's Narnia and lion king never looked like this and lion king had a cartoon movie version but not a real life version and there's a reason why the makers of lion king didn't make lion king 3 because the makers of lion king died

J paul 2 says:

What about the second one in real life


Oh my JESUS CHRIST this is Aslan not Simba

Seahorse Trash says:

Little did he know…

ninja fornite 23 pro says:

great photoshop and edit

Mr.Jellybean Playz says:

This one is gonna be real 2018

Joshua Ary says:

and now there is going to be a live action lion king lol

Unfiltered Mind says:

That parody looked BLOODY Boring, besides Weeeeak!

Bantriel Official says:

Nats ingoyama babagith
Sithi uhm, ingonya ieho
Nats ingoyama babagithi
Sithi uhmn, ingo baba, aibaba
Ingoyama siyo nqoba

Luis Lizano says:

Wtf, this one became real!!!

Si M Ba says:

Plzzz upload full movie the lion king😍😍😍

Stam9s 1027 says:

How did you predict the future

Absolute Gamer says:

Hello, I know this is an old video, but this is a message from the future and the real live action version of Lion King is coming out in summer of 2019. So, anyone who said this was clickbait it was more of a foreshadow from the past and a successful movie in the future. This is a message from 2018 and in 2019 this movie will be a reality.

Viktoringia says:

and now it's Real U

Truth is my radar says:

Simba's son vs scar's son 🙂

lima man says:

What do you mean I think it's real

Cooboy123 says:

Disney got ideas people

Luis Royk says:

9999999999999999/10 best movie trailer EVER

Oscar George Johnson says:

Why are you guys complaining about a remake? Don’t assume, unless you’ve actually scene the movie…

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