THE LION KING (2019) First Look Teaser Trailer – Beyoncé Live-Action Disney Concept Movie

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First look of the lion king:-

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Future Trailer says:

Here are the official trailer:-

Joe u says:

Who cares about that whore Beyonce!

Gabriella Brunet says:

I really hope no songs are ruined 🤦

TzOneRekt09 - CoC says:

This is stupid

Ilham Yulfidan says:

Cammpur campur

Jeffmanthra Degamo says:

Haha Aslan the lion king 😂


pero que es esta mierdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wendell Thomas says:

Not feeling Scars voice AT ALL !!! … I pray they don't mess up the greatest movie of all time

SamRocks says:

Where can I find the Just can’t wait to be king remix?

alya gacha gamers says:

Bagus banget

NoName Girl says:

It's not so interesting when you already know story+cartoons are better.

Syam Samat says:

that is characther on Chronicles of Narnia right ?

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