THE LION KING (1994 vs 2019) Official Teaser Comparison SHOT BY SHOT

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The Lion King 2019 Disney Live Action Teaser comparación 2019 vs 1994 side by side 🙂
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Sowick says:


Gabe PL says:

Long live the animated version only

Gabe PL says:

I'm gonna go with the animated version only

Giada Fontana says:


Harrinsain!! says:

the live action one has absolutely no soul whatsoever. If they're just going to make a lesser version of the original, why wouldn't I just go and watch the original?

What's the point of looking realistic if it has none of the soul of the animation. The live action one cannot physically take advantage of it's content, because the story being told was never meant to be told in this medium. You can like whatever you want but everything from the colour to the expressiveness to the voice acting in this trailer is absolutely no where near as good as the original no matter how "technically impressive" it is. Film is art. If Disney wanted to make a tech demo, then make a bloody tech demo. Heck, most of it's animated anyway, so what's the point in calling it a live action remake? Why on earth did it need to be remade in the first place? There is literally no reason to other than nostalgia pandering

Angels Fun time says:

I just noticed it is the same thing

Nour Nour says:

In 1994 born RM of BTS

IttiOnYouTube says:

I'm gonna be honest

I never see the original Lion King

sherwin conde says:

Y'all hearing Mufasa, but I'm hearing Darth Vader instead.

Janice Rodrigues Matos says:

Quando no cinema amo

Chanel Reid says:

The beauty of the original was the fabulous colors, the voices and the amazing soundtrack. It was one of the last Disney films that was drawn. For me, it just won’t be the same..

Mike Peter says:

1994 version still looks the best

Wang Yang says:

In my very honest opinion the Original Wins! The traditional animations shows more character, emotions, vibrant colors and looks way more interesting.

Lee Chang says:

Won't top the original. They shoulda just modernized the cartoon instead of making it realistic cgi

HunGerMovies says:

It seems Disney knows how o remake. Not changing anything just the quality.

cris arenas says:

Hola. Has visto el nuevo tráiler de el rey león ???? Vas hacer algún vídeo sobre él???? Graciass

Liam's Lenz says:

I'm gonna have to pass.

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