the life and death of john f. donovan stand by me

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Duwang King says:

This Version of Stand By Me was also used and made for FINAL FANTASY XV!!!

Light Screening says:

The kid's great. The movie is messy, but it ends up being an interesting comment on stardom. I reviewed this one extensively.

Tongga says:

All i hear is….

Gladio, do me a favor…
Push this yourself.
Yeah, u won't even notice if we just let go.
Promto!, dont even think about it!

Louis Palmer says:

This movie is so underrated like it’s so fucking beautiful and holy shit made me feel shit I didn’t know I felt and this scene made me go crying to my mum and tel her she is my world like omg

PrinceJGamer //MCPE says:

I don't know why people hated this movie. This is so emotional than the movies created by other people. Much more of a drama than ever has! I'd give it a 10/10 since being a failed actor is hard to be understood. But i really got the point of struggle, i really did 😭

Matt S says:

I hope everyone else got the direct connection to J'ai tue ma mere and that this is in a way an apology of Xavier to his mother, trying to travel back in time and change things. In reality he told everyone his mother was dead so he wouldn't have to write an essay about her in school, because he resented her for living apart from his father and not being a real mother to him, but more of a friend. And here he lets the kid appreciate his mother for exactly those things. Thank her for being strong and trying her best while not being a mother per se, but a best friend and guardian to him. They hug and speak openly how they love and forgive each other. In J'ai tue ma mere the mum runs into his school and makes a scene and they only tell others how much they love each other, care about each other, but aren't able to say it into each other's faces.

Léo Leclerc says:

J’ai pas compris le sort qu’on a réservé au film. Moi je pense que c’était bon, pas un chef d’œuvre mais certainement meilleur que 90% des films américains du genre. Cette scène est parfaitement maîtrisée

Charles SARR says:

Pour ma part cette scène a sauvé le film…

Pianistguy24 says:

This movie is a masterpiece !

Ka Va says:

Such a beautiful scene, it was really powerful!

PAPA HET says:


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