The Jungle Book – Movie Review

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Disney brings us a live action telling of the beloved classic. Well, live action that’s 97% CGI anyway. Jeremy reviews “The Jungle Book”!

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wholetruthy says:

Bill Murray baloo me away

Takshak 666 says:

This movie is based on kanha national park india

Sophia Foster says:

I actually saw this in 3D. It was fantabulous

andrea christy says:

i think i like to see moana in real life

Wyvern :3 says:

"once this truce ends, that thing is dead"

me with my teachers

Adam Frank says:

Lion King or I know it's not Disney but a live action Up would be nice

Speedur says:

Can we please get Treasure Planet NEXT OR FUCKING ATLANTIS!'

Cephus 101 says:

live action lion king and Princess and the frog

Ben L says:

why cant i find a comment about someone wanting a live action brother bear? am i the only one?

Caleb Belyeu says:

I seen it…. it was alright and I liked it. It definitely deserves watching it on Blu-ray (which I did)

John Kobe Balod says:

I want either a live action Pinocchio or even anothef fantasia

Kyle Campbell says:

From the director of IRON MAN

Kyle Christine says:

Didn't watch the Jungle Book all that much as a kid. But I loved this version of the story. And I believe that Beauty and the Beast next month will continue the tradition of the original classic.

Tristan Clemons says:

I personally thought it was dull. Mowgly is really lame, and unlike alot of Disney movies there isn't alot to keep adults entertained

Jessie Wage says:

O rally wanna see a live-action Lilo and Stitch movie

SlideRSB says:

I sat down to watch this last night on Netflix since I didn't have the chance to see it last year when it was out in theaters. I really had hoped to take my kid to see it last year, but he has issues sitting still for extended period, and his tastes are quite immature for his age due to his special needs. But still, I had hoped he would gravitate to something like this. But who am I kidding? It's more about me than anything else since this was one of my favorite stories as a child.

Needless to say, I was very excited to see my kid become so fixated on this move as he was walking through the living room when it captured his attention. It was cool when he plopped himself down on the couch next to me to watch it. I was on board with this live action retelling until I heard Christopher Walken as King Louie performing the Louis Prima song, I Wanna Be Like You. Christopher Walken is one of my favorite actors, but I hope he doesn't do another musical.

chris mendoza says:

Idris Elba now reminds me of Robert Englund.

nicholas aybar says:

I hated this movie

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