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The Inside Man Season 1 Trailer




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Watch the trailer now for KnowBe4’s new 12-episode security awareness video series, The Inside Man.

Shy, slightly nerdy Mark is finding his way amidst super-friendly, supportive co-workers, office politics and his new job as IT Security analyst–a “white hat” hacker making the company safer. At least…that’s how it looks on the outside. No one suspects that he’s already inside their most secure systems, or that powerful forces are pulling his strings. Will he complete his mission to bring down the company? Or will these new friendships bring him out of the dark web and into the light?

See the first episode and sign up to view the first season here: https://www.knowbe4.com/inside-man?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=promo-video&utm_campaign=Inside-Man-1

See behind the scenes, inside the episodes, meet the characters and more: https://insideman.knowbe4.com/