The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 6 | The Big Bag Theory | The Zoom Studios

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Their bag might be missing but Kabir’s packed a solid punch for his day. From adventures to frank conversations, it’s the perfect day to unpack their personal baggage and take a ride into unadulterated nature. But will this ride prove to be too wild? Watch episode 6 of #TheHoliday to find out.

Created by:
Lakshya Raj Anand

Aashim Gulati as Armaan

Adah Sharma as Mehek

Natasa Stankovic as Sara

Priyank Sharma as Patrick

Sarah Anjuli as Mia

Veer Rajwant Singh as Kabir


The Zoom Studios says:

This weekend celebrate the freedom to live life at its fullest with The Holiday Friendship Anthem! Check out the official music video here:

Episode 7 of The Holiday releases on 24th August. Stay Tuned!

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Dr Bipin Malkania says:

Nothing fresh mix of dil chata hai +zindagi na milegi dobara. But good locations.

Yash Kankariya says:

Next episode of holiday……
Get it sooooon
I am wating

Prabin Acharya says:

Now who did Sara's lip sync ? She sounded like a mid western who mugged up all.

Nisha Singh says:

Need to put out some new ideas for your content. From episode 1 i find it relatable to zindagi na milegi dobara.

Simran kaur Alag says:

this series is lit

ATESH mishra says:

Fuckin' amazing as before😍😍

ARHAM Fářøøque says:

I want to know that Adaa Sharma is getting fucked by all these three daily or its number system here😀😀……

real indian says:

30min ka to.bnaya kro kmse km yar

Rohit Saikia says:

Eagerly waiting for episode 7😍


Next episode plz

Sushil Soni says:

What is the shit in episode 7..! Its showing something different..!😒

Ajay Nehra says:

भाईसाब हम देखना छोड़ दे क्या इसमें हिंदी राष्ट्र के लोग भी अंग्रेजी बोल रहे हैं
अंग्रेजी के ज्यादा उपयोग से मनोरंजन कम होता हैं
अगले में कृपा करके हिंदी का उपयोग करें🙏

Nitish mahajan says:

Great episodes… Guyz one thing..episode ki timing long rkho 😅

Firoz Abhi says:

Kitna maza aa rha hai….
Holiday all episodes mast hai…
Excited for the next episodes ..
I hope it gets 10..20 more episodes….
Priyank ka acting mast wo jo character play kr rha hai….mast….😍😍😍😍😍

e Buddy says:

I think u ppl r running out of script…

oriflame_shaikh_noor shaikhnoor says:

The dislikers may b not having a single frnds like them

pubg wala bakchod says:

I really love mahek although I m a girl…. But she's really cute man😍😍😍

Rahul Singh says:

You guys are really good yea 👍

Anisha Singh says:

Wow..being a pilot and he doesn’t know to swim…🙄🙄

Kapil Raje says:
Like ❤the video plzzz

Hardeep Singh says:

Priyank look like a awesome m big fan of priyank 🥰

Katherine Sehrin says:

Next episode's gonna be fun😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

Alisha Babbar says:

Are you guys effing serious? Are you trying to show us Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in a different way? Like seriously?? What a waste man!!

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